Saints vs Dolphins Game Thread Roll Call

Marc Serota

The Miami Dolphins beat the New Orleans Saints 24-21 earlier tonight. As usual, we posted our live game thread throughout the game, giving Dolphins fans a chance to talk about all the action as it happened.

With the game over, we now return to the tradition we are starting this year, our post-game live thread roll call. This is a chance to see who commented the most during the game, and who received the most "recs" for their in game comments.

We had 511 comments from 35 different members during the game, led by wild zion beaver with 75.

# Commenter # Comments
1 wild zion beaver 75
2 Fin Fan Forever 55
3 KIH004 55
4 mighty08 28
5 Strange 28
6 Dolfan88 26
7 thanos629 24
8 tpl 23
9 Redwood_ 22
10 zeusmith 20
11 The Earl 18
12 daytonadolfan 16
13 James McKinney 15
14 DolphDallas 15
15 Agent J 78 12
16 sanchezbuttfumble 9
17 PhinFan305 9
18 demise14 8
19 phinfansc1980 8
20 Bad-Horse 8
21 lwild 6
22 dolphan63 5
23 Kevin Nogle 4
24 Hollywood Dolfan 3
25 concrete1200 3
26 Kdog92 3
27 Cutie 2
28 Miamimaniac 2
29 Red*Bone 2
30 shooter73 2
31 FinsLife 1
32 unklphinnie 1
33 bbickley 1
34 Lord Ellerbe Wheeler-Wallace 1
35 Sinjin830 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
6 Hollywood Dolfan Snowflake!
4 KIH004 Gone but not forgotten
3 DolphDallas McNutt to the Practice Squad...worth developing
2 KIH004 [no title]
2 Kevin Nogle Big thank you to everyone who flagged spam today....
2 Agent J 78 Sims hasn't looked too bad
2 Fin Fan Forever Nice job by Mathews
1 thanos629 Weird. Bottom right corner shows multiple people posting messages, but when i hit the Z button it only scrolls to one.
1 James McKinney True but there are a whole slew of preseason heroes that do not do anything when the games count.
1 phinfansc1980 I think it is the 4th string QB for Miami.
1 mighty08 Grimes has one, Davis has another.
1 wild zion beaver The Jets?
1 Fin Fan Forever It's been doing it to me for most of my time here too
1 Strange I am deeply disturbed
1 mighty08 Nope. Maybe if he had come out and had one terrible offseason.
1 Kdog92 I don't think adding another 3rd string TE would help
1 Fin Fan Forever Really CBS4???
1 daytonadolfan Let's go Almost Dolphins !!!!!!!
1 KIH004 #DevlinMagic
1 James McKinney Wow, what a classy description.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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