The view from section 128 (1 of 10)

Well, I have to say I really like our new seats. I notice that when they are playing in the other end zone the view isn't quite as clear as when we were a little higher up, but I would not trade that for the view I have now when the team is on our side.

The kids with an extra year of growth tend to sit in their seats for longer and need to take less bathroom breaks. However, they are still murder on those refillable drinks… oh well .. they are free refills…


1.) John Jerry is back. There is no hole at RG.

Was it me, or was our offensive line a lot more solid in pass protection and a good bit more productive in the running game with John Jerry in there? I don’t think we have a Pro Bowler pulling RG, but we also don’t have a hole there anymore. If you go back and look at that first run that Lamar Miller had, he is the block that set the edge and by him doing what he did, it gave Lamar Miller space to get out there and outrun some people.

2.) The passing game is getting solid, but we still have way too many drops.

I am of the belief that anything thrown near a professional WR needs to be caught, but I am not sure how much it is on the WRs. It seems to me that Tannehill isn’t really anticipating throws. He sees an open guy and throws a laser beam. His ball placement is suspect a lot of times too. Hopefully, this will improve, but if it doesn’t we do not have a franchise QB.. we have a pretty good backup. But I am still optimistic that it will.

3.) Is this the beginning of the "Miami Vise" defense?

I want it recorded here that I was the one that coined this phrase minutes after we drafted Dion Jordan. It seems to be coming true, too. We are getting pressure from the entire defense. We are bringing the heat from everywhere. Our guys are ripping at the ball, and jumping routes(mostly Brent Grimes and Will Davis). Heck, I am even impressed by old Paul Soliai(if you know me, this is big news). I am drafting this defense and Caleb Sturgis for my defense and my kicker this year in fantasy football. Last year we were the 6th ranked scoring defense. Yesterday we shut the Bucs down. I still feel like we need to be more consistent at stopping the run, but we can build up to that. I think some of it right now is the LBs learning where they fit and the front 7 in general figuring each other out.

While it is still maddening to me that we cannot seem to stop a 3rd and long from being converted to save our lives… we were much better the other day overall.

4.) The refs really sucked. OH… and special teams…

I couldn’t believe that they did not call a penalty on the guy when he shoved Nolan Carroll into Thigpen. Thigpen called for a fair catch and I know the kicking team has to give the returner room to make the catch. How can you call us last week when the opposing team didn’t even call for a fair catch, then allow the crap that happened on Saturday to just happen?

I was not sure what I was seeing, but one of two things happened late in the game:

a.) The Dolphins decided that Bumpkis was not ever going to be a returner for the Dolphins and shut him down completely(unlikely)

b.) The Dolphins realized that Thiggy was a little rusty and decided to give him a chance to knock the rust off, after deciding that he will most likely be the starting kick returner.

5.) Seriously, hasn’t Matt Moore taken enough punishment this preseason already?

Apparently the coaches thought so. He did not see the field after Tannehill went out. They went straight to my son’s favorite QB- Pat Devlin(don’t ask me why… his number maybe? He is 5 ok…)

I was glad to see Matt Moore get a break after the sack fest he had to endure last week. Once again the backups lost the game. While it is not the worst thing that could happen.. You could injure your starting QB by throwing him out there with the 3rd stringers or something. Or you could injure the only QB that has played in your system aside from an undrafted free agent QB who you then name your week one starter against the Patriots.

What was my original point here? Oh yeah… we need our backups to step up when they are called on. So far it is not happening for the most part and that is mildly concerning. But with the crap that has been happening to the AFC East lately, I feel like Han Solo has given Tannehill the, "OK kid, you’re all clear!" May the force be with us all this season…

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