Jonathan Martin Improving At LT?


From the Herald this afternoon:
"...Jonathan Martin did not give up a sack today. That bears prominent mention because he's been singled out every time he loses pass-rush battles against Olivier Vernon and Dion Jordan. Today there was none of that."

Now I know that this brief news snippet can be viewed 9 ways to Sunday, but if you are anything like me in terms of evaluating the Dolphins right now, you are probably looking at the biggest potential weakness of the entire team being at Left Tackle.

That being said, you are also looking for any sign that Jonathan Martin might actually be decent this year in the position; OR at the very LEAST adequate.

Against all odds, it has become apparent through the past couple of weeks that we might actually have some quality depth at some of the other positions of concern during the offseason: DB, WR, RB, TE, OG.

But without a solid LT, the entire offense is limited. In the best case scenario, you end up losing one potential playmaking position to allocate a guy to stay in and help Martin block. In the worst case, Ryan Tannehill spends a lot of time with mud and grass stains on his jersey and develops happy feet in the backfield. And let's not rule out the possibility of injury from getting knocked around often.

So, if you are anything like me, you are scrutinizing the play out of this position during the camp practices more that any other position - more than the chemistry of Tannehill and Wallace; more than the play of Dion Jordan; and more than the camp battles for the 4th and 5th WR positions.

Now maybe Martin is learning, and improving his skill by going against such a talented D-Line. Or maybe this is simply the result of having both Randy Starks AND Jared Odrick out of practice today. Whatever the reason, if you are anything like me, and my love for the Dolphins, you will be viewing this news and the best piece of news we have heard ALL WEEK!!!!

What do YOU think?

Fins Up!

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