Simple Fans observation on Texans game/roster

Hey all 1st time post. Just sharing thoughts on the Texan game as I just got done watching it.

1ST....THE HIT. I played football from early 80's to early/mid 90's. Rules have obviously changed. The hit was legal enough. BUT how have players changed? Not one bit. A man that leads with his helmet, face mask down, is the same in the 80's as the 10's.....a stupid player. Not only does he impose risk too others, but also himself. Last time I checked its harder to see whats going on when your looking at the grass. I'll leave it at that... both Keller and the PHINS lose out. Shame........................Whats not been addressed much is the safety's twitter response.....The guy cant even get his name right? What about Cushing's hit attempt on Tanny? OH well bygones.

DL, our strength and we don't even have Starks and DJ. Gonna be hard not too keep Shelby, Randall, and Francis. If we keep 9, that is my 9. NICE rotation.

LB.....I'm good with our starters, and that's where it ends. Trusnik should be playing better. No depth.

CB....Very happy with CB play up till now. Davis will get better, and Taylor hopefully comes on. Carrol is excellent ST, but hopefully is never required to play outside this year. If we keep 6, that's my 6. Very serviceable.

Safety.... Love our starters. Hopefully Wilson stays on at safety. Not impressed with any backups at this time. Thankfully Wilson and Marshall can play that spot if injuries occur. NO depth without CB's. Kovacs and McCray are not NFL ready.

OL....Good with the 4. We need a RG to step up. Jerry and Garners injuries are hurting us right now. I think Samuda, Thomas, and Yeatman fill out the line. NO experienced depth.

TE..... Justin Keller's...OH wait(pun)......Sux for both parties. Sims I like, very uneasy with others. Again trouble where we've always had it. NO depth.(Yeatman is there, but heavy)

RB.....I like it, we keep 5 with Thigpen as a slot alternate. NO FB's on the roster this year(barring Clay depending what he's listed as).

WR....Again depth is a problem. If Bumphis had some nads in PR, fine but he was worried. At least he fielded them cleanly. If we keep Matthews and Bumphis, I think we need a 6th as we would be left with basically 3 slot receivers(+ Thigpen) with potential of Matthews and Gibson on the outside. Wallace or Hartline injuries could cripple us(As with any team I guess). I think we'll be OK. This position is the 1 position i played most(CB, S , TE also). When U have a guy like Hartline, you've got hope. Hands, head, and heart, the only reason I played as long as I did(yah, I was slow =) ).

QB....RT17 will be fine. Cannon arm, good instincts. Foot work needs some work, but so does the OL gelling. My ? is MOORE? I love the guy, but did he just throw the towel in after a good $ backup signing? Just looking very sub par this preseason. Very inaccurate. He right now is a head scratch-er to me......

The Texans game was great...for our starters(offense a bit slow, but shot itself in the foot at times). Not so much for backups. I'll watch it again.

I've got 50 roster spots what I think will be close....3 to go. Lets hope someone steps up in the final 2 games . WE NEED DEPTH this year. GO PHINS.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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