Roll Call: Dolphins at Texans Live Thread

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

When you hear your name, please answer with "Here!" That's right, it's roll call time.

After each game, we take a look at which Phinsider members made the most comments in the live thread (including any overflows), as well as any comments that were recommended by other readers. Here are the stats for the Miami Dolphins at Houston Texans threads:

# Commenter # Comments
1 The Earl 97
2 KIH004 94
3 mighty08 47
4 wild zion beaver 47
5 frags 46
6 Fin Fan Forever 44
7 the big brickk 29
8 afmo 25
9 dksurf99 24
10 lwild 23
11 bbickley 23
12 PhinFan305 22
13 phinnyhenne28 18
14 BSerious72 18
15 tpl 17
16 James McKinney 15
17 DolphDallas 15
18 Anothertidbit 14
19 JRoth 14
20 Paranoid Phin Phan 13
21 Dolfan88 12
22 Whippets2 12
23 animal2020 11
24 sanchezbuttfumble 9
25 Agent J 78 9
26 blunt-trauma 8
27 Sinjin830 7
28 Miami Jules 7
29 Miamimaniac 7
30 PhrozenPhish 7
31 Finnatic 6
32 Kevin Nogle 6
33 dolfan52 5
34 Matt18Jones 5
35 DolfanVince86 5
36 bryankstro 3
37 dolphan63 3
38 dolphinfan4lyfe 3
39 coach k 13 3
40 daytonadolfan 2
41 Phintastic 2
42 i bleed for really! 2
43 Dolfankenny 1
44 Txhorseman2 1
45 Jason Scott_90 1
46 Bryguy084 1
47 MarlinFn#56 1

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
1 KIH004 With Keller's injury and Samuda sucking, the Dolphins need two heroes to step up to help save the season
1 lwild too soon?
1 Agent J 78 My anger wasn't helped when the
1 bbickley The NFL should institute a new coin toss system for the preseason
1 Fin Fan Forever So glad they added that hide image option
1 The Earl Davis looked like he attempted to make a low tackle
1 mighty08 Well they have been running around sweating for the last few hours, what do you expect...
1 The Earl Texans = dirty
1 The Earl This may sound bad, but I will really be disappointed if a Dolphins offensive player...
1 afmo replacement refs?
1 Paranoid Phin Phan Earthwake!!!
1 afmo The photo of keller's injury looks horrifying.
1 JRoth 6 penalties in first 2 games...........5 in 1st half of this game........Philbin Angry!
1 The Earl Keep Randall, and draft a better DT in 14
1 KIH004 Mike Wallace finishes with 58 yards and a TD against the first-team defense (and former All-Pro CB Johnathan Joseph)
1 bbickley it's the pleats
1 dksurf99 How nice is it to finally
1 DolphDallas cam wake = beast
1 Paranoid Phin Phan It's not going to matter who we picked up on offense if the line can't block
1 the big brickk EARTHWAKE!!!!
1 wild zion beaver Fluffers!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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