A Relevant, Almost Hard To Argue With, Game By Game, Prediction

So in this post, I shall, go game to game using statistics (obviously all from last year, or are they?(; ), positional miss-matches, and gut feelings (that last one might be unreliable) to predict a win or a loss through our beloved Miami Dolphins football season. Bare with me and feel free to tear me down with responses and opinions, I can take it my fellow Americans (if you are not American, I am sorry for excluding you, I like you, don't worry). Oh, before I forget, after I do both games, I will put a poll on the bottom also to get a tally going, thank you all, and happy football! (I will do next 2 games next week if you liked my little writings!)

Sept. 8


  • Vs All Time- Miami, no surprise, is ballin' and leads the head to head series 9-8.
  • Something Note Worthy- After week 15 is the time last year for the Greens, I mean Browns (always thought it was comical that the team name was just a color) when then made it down to 20th in the power rankings and Hensley of ESPN had this to say about them: "Cleveland is winning with defense. During the three-game winning streak, the Browns have allowed 12.7 PPG and four offensive touchdowns."
  • One More Note- Lastly the Brown's defense were 11th for both sacks and interceptions last year, which could get ugly when our O-line is unproven and our quarterback (as much as I love him) gets antsy, and makes bad decisions.

Match-ups (Important Ones, I Promise!):

  • Lamar Miller vs. THE WORLD- I hate to say this but us Dolphins fans are included in this, Lamar got our hopes up so much that if he does not get our running game going early we will jump off the band wagon quickly. But if his own fans being against him is not enough, he has to go up against a Cleveland team who were top 15 vs. the run last season.
  • Ryan Tannehill vs. Joe Haden- I am not saying Joe Haden will be tormenting Tannehill all his life, but he is by far a capable DB. And obviously I am talking about the dying need Ryan will feel to get Mike Wallace involved. And who blames him?! When my mommy buys me something expensive I'm not going to lock it in my room to die! But Ryan will be looking that direction all game to try and find chemistry with that expensive toy that he wanted so badly.
Gut Feeling Time!-
  • Not going to lie this is my favorite part! So let me start off by saying, "Weeden is garbage." and I mean I realize that is not very much of an intelligent comment, but REALLY would anyone want the future of your franchise in minor ginger?! When a quarterback like, Brady, Luck, Rodgers is driving the ball you are peeing but when its Weeden you simply don't batt an eye. Their defense is their trump card and its not even that trumpish. The only thing I can say is if Trent Richardson can have a good game and open up the play action, we could lose this game in an upset.
Prediction: Miami by 10.

Sept. 15



  • Head to Head- Dolphins absolutley smash the Colts in this category 46-25. (Lets also be honest, it does not matter).
  • 4374- That is the number of yards that Luck threw for last season, also 23 TDs, enough said. To Tanny's 12. Now enough said.
  • Easily, Tanny vs. Luck!- This game is pumping me up so high! Last meeting between them was one of Ryan's shining moments. And by far the most fun game I watched all season. Sadly Luck came out on top last meeting between these young guns, so if there was any improvement from last to this year in Ryan we will see it this game, I'm sure of it. Tanny will have a field day ON PAPER, with the Colts being 31st last season in passing yards allowed.
  • Mike Wallace vs. Vontae Davis- A lot of people may have lots of bad things to say about Vontae but I totally respect his game. I think he is a weird dude (when Ireland told him about the trade on Hard Knocks... he really displayed that then) but he makes plays. His wide, athletic body is a perfect match for Wallace, so if Wallace is only a one trick pony it'll shown in this battle.
We win daaa, Dolphins always win if we all believe, say it with me BEL-IEVE... I really wish it was that easy but Andrew Luck put the Colts on his back last season all the way to a playoff berth. Our running game is unproved, so if Tannehill has not improved enough to wrestle up this victory, and our defense just lets them score like last year, this will be a tough battle. We just won't have the firepower in this one at Indianapolis. This will be another offense battle, and I must say if Grimes can guard Wayne even a little, we have a chance.
Prediction: Indianapolis by 3.

OK COOL! I'm thorough the first two games. and by my predictions we will end up 1-1 going into our home opener vs the Falcons. But don't take my word for it! Comment! Feed me some Feedback!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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