Why Dion Jordan?

I have been trying to find out why DJ was considered the top OLB/edge rusher in the draft, and it is a mystery.

The only reason I can figure is the combine, but that was an incomplete, he didn't hit the weights, I wonder how far his stock would have fallen if he could only do 15 reps...?

I have watched a lot of game tape of DJ and he didn't pass the eye test, he also didn't pass the awareness test, he put himself out of position a lot, Stanford abused him in that way, also they blocked him with TEs on run plays, that is a single TE, and he handled him pretty easy, again and again, they didn't see a need to double him in the run or pass, their tackles had no problem handling his passrush, so why DJ?

Well he must have been very productive in college, well no, he didn't get a lot of sacks, but then you hear "he played every position on D, he even played CB, he was in coverage a lot", ok, but take a look at that, is there anybody on the outside of a phsych ward that thinks it would be a good idea to take Wake off the line and have him cover TEs? even if he was far and away the best cover LB we have?

No, why? because in coverage you can only effect one player, as a passrusher you can effect the entire offense, this is why Von rushes way more than he covers even though he is their best coverage LB, he started his college career as a coverage LB, when they found he could rush the passer... well thats what they had him do.

I would like to throw some stats out there;

draftee A) 121t, 19 tfl, 14.5 sacks, 0 ints, 2 pd, 4 ff

draftee B) 85 t, 24tfl, 14.5 sacks, 1 int, 4 pd, 7 ff

Now looking at these stats you would say they are similar, A has more overall tackles but B seems to make a few more "plays", couple more tfls, a pick, couple more passes broken up and a few more ffs, which stat line do you like better? as I said they are similar, and you would likely say it's not enough to make a decision and you would get no argument from me.

I did look deeper than stats and combine, (which is just physical stats) but I didn't see anything there to indicate a first round talent, he seems to be here because of the 4.54, but he's built like a WR so it makes sense, he looks more like megatron or BMarsh then Wake or Ware, narrow, which has never been a good trait for DEs.

These are the reasons why I say why DJ, I am willing to hear any and all arguments, I would love to have someone make a valid case for DJ, I would feel a lot better about him, so please let me know what i'm missing, thank you.

O snap, nearly forgot about those stats, have you thought about them, do they mean anything, well once you hear the whole story behind those stats I guarantee you will at the very least think about them, are we ready to find out the mystery behind these stats, drum roll please............................. (simulated drum roll)

Draftee A is our very own DJ!! (fireworks and cheers)

Draftee B is Jarvis Jones, (Steelers, booing and hissing)

Now you might say, "hey Finster, that wasn't much of a mystery or story"... and you would be correct and I salute you for it! now for the rest of it, those are college career stats for our DJ, but JJ...? that was his 2012 stats, I find very peculiar that a guy who was in coverage so much, who was so good in coverage that he didn't get any sacks got 0 ints and 2 pd in his entire college career, so I ask again,

Why Dion Jordan?

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