A Phinsider Look at Training Camp: Day 4

It was another blistering hot Wednesday morning in not-so-beautiful Davie, Florida. The Miami Dolphins were set to play in their first consecutive practice with pads on, and after a shaky Tuesday practice, Ryan Tannehill and the rest of the offense sought out to gain back the momentum they had just two days ago. Let's take a look at what happened on the field this morning.

  • Many fans have been questioning the legitimacy of this offensive line lately. All eyes are on left tackle, Jonathan Martin, as he is now set to protect Ryan Tannehill’s blind side for the entire season. At Monday’s practice I noticed some of Martin’s struggles after the snap such as: failing to block players to the outside and failing to know which players to block. However, today he wasn’t the problem. Today was Richie Incognito’s day of struggle. Before starting the first 11 on 11 drill of the day, Incognito and Martin began fooling around in the huddle, giving each other a few playful shoves, but the fun and games ended once Richie got called for a false start and later allowed Randy Starks to bully through him for the rest of the drill. The o-line picked it up, however. Towards the end of practice Philbin decided to go with a more conventional snap-and-throw operation. Tannehill had time to set his feet, and although Incognito got called for yet another false start, the offense was able to sail through the defense with quick and effective passes.
  • As for the quarterbacks, all three (excluding Aaron Corp because who’s Aaron Corp?) had very good practices. Ryan Tannehill continues to show me how poised he is on the field and what great chemistry he’s forming with the new starters such as Lamar Miller, Mike Wallace, and especially Dustin Keller. At today’s practice Tannehill made some exceptional throws including a beautiful dart over the middle to Armon Binns, and even fooled every player and fan watching with a perfectly executed play-action rollout. Matt Moore was also able to stand out by throwing a couple touchdowns on the 7 on 7 and connecting twice on nicely thrown balls to Michael Egnew (yes, that Michael Egnew) on the outside. Overall it was a good day for the red shirts.
  • Today was a field day for the wide receivers. Even players that aren’t known in the Dolphin community were shaking starting cornerbacks. On the 1 on 1 drill it was Nolan Carroll who was covering Mike Wallace, and it was like taking candy from a baby. Wallace was too fast, too strong, and too athletic for Carroll who did not stop one ball from falling into his hands. My surprise receiver for the day was Marvin McNutt. The second year wide out from Iowa was matched up against Brent Grimes and caught 3 of 4 balls that were thrown at him throughout the 1 on 1. Other noticeables today were Chad Bumphis who broke Rashad Jones’ ankles on a juke move and Jeff Fuller who had a leaping catch in the end zone during 7 on 7.
  • Note: An article from the sun sentinel went viral today, where it was written that Mike Wallace has basically done nothing since training camp has started. Do not pay attention to that nonsense. Mike Wallace is slowly but surely forming a very nice chemistry with Ryan Tannehill, and has had three very productive practices. Perhaps what this writer wants Wallace to do is catch a 72-yard post route with his hands tied around his back while riding a unicycle.
  • The secondary had a rough fourth practice today. There were many positives out there, but unfortunately the negatives outweighed them. Brent Grimes seemed off rhythm throughout the day; losing the 1 on 1 drill to Marvin McNutt, failing to stop on the dime on comeback routes, and even mistiming his blitzes. Other misfortunes include Jimmy Wilson’s horse collar tackle on Lamar Miller during the 2-minute drill, rookie Will Davis’ dropped pick that hit both hands, and maybe the weakest cornerback on the field, DeAndre Presley, not being able to run quick enough on kick off returns and not being able to cover players like Armon Binns and Brandon Gibson. The one bright spot of the day though was Dimitri Patterson. The man simply locked down Brian Hartline on every drill they matched up on. He was one of the stars of the day.
  • Now on to what seems to be the brightest spot on this team, the front 7. Cameron Wake and Randy Starks were simply killers on the field today. Double teams were set up just for them, and they were able to get to the quarterback multiple times regardless of that. I can’t speak as highly for the linebacker core, however. The middle of the field was targeted quite a few times during those snap-and-throw plays, and Dustin Keller was unstoppable because of it. A player worthy of getting a star mention is ex-Edmonton Eskimo, Lee Robinson. This man was excited that he got to wear pads this morning and showed it. Matt Moore threw a short dump out pass to Jorvorskie Lane and Robinson simply pancaked him so hard that even Aunt Jamima shook her head. Watch out for this guy come preseason.

One of Richie Incognito's false starts. Chris Clemons seen on the left pointing at Incognito. Lamar Miller seen on the right sarcastically clapping for Incognito. And Ryan Tannehill seen in the middle just staring at Incognito. 995433_495776540491649_1867913724_n_medium
Dimitri Patterson perfectly positioned to slap the ball away from Brian Hartline after a deep throw.


Ryan Tannehill fooling Paul Soliai and eyeing down 10 yards of open field.

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