A Day in The Bay & summiting Mt Diablo one last time

You know about my friend Marc "Norcal DolFan". You know that both he & I both possess 10ft x 12ft retired stadium flags. But what you don't know is what we did with them just days before I left California.

If you've ever read my posts, you know I rely on pictures to help in telling the story. Now I have taken lots of pictures, but this outing has yielded some of my best work ever. If for no other reason it made his day,....and then some.

With two giant stadium flags, a couple of vivid imaginations, the will & resources to make "something" happen. What that was going to be was simple for me,....take those flags straight atop Mt Diablo ! Marc was onboard, but seemed somewhat reluctant as his first choice was to head over to The Golden Gate. My thinking was Florida has no mountains and in my mind the metaphor was we want our team to rise to the top of the NFL mountain, plain & simple. So a plan was hatched, and Marc even reached out to other Bay Area as to see if anyone else wanted to join us at the summit of Mt Diablo. More on that later,....

The day in question I had 2nd thoughts. Was I doing the right thing by "NorCal DolFan" ? I mean really, the dude has the Golden Gate tattooed on his leg with his version of the Dolphins logo. I had it all wrong and quickly a new plan was formed, or rather an extensive revamping was in order. Now instead of going to Mt Diablo after work, we both managed half days and we were now making two stops ! Marc was pumped !!!  photo IMG_8072_zps4e92b16e.jpg

We met in Oakland and throughout the day it seemed like grown men acting like teenagers on some sort of secret mission. The new mission ; race downtown, get the Golden Gate photo, then race to the mountain as Marc said there was going to be other Dolfans meetings us at the summit. No longer than 30-40 minutes after we met, we arrived at our first stop. Now mind you, this is the Thursday after Colin K's "hat-gate".  photo 969154_615216595179712_229977853_n_zps9a64c276.jpg

This picture is what I call an "instant classic" ! NorCal ( and friend) with giant Dolphins flag in front of a San Francisco landmark. Yup,....he was a happy camper. But our day was just beginning, off to Mt Diablo.  photo IMG_8085_zpsfbe8e15b.jpg  photo IMG_8087_zpsb3854bd8.jpg

Marc informed me that we needed to wait just inside toll gate as we needed to meet up with other fans. No worries,...this was a perfect place for another photo-op.  photo IMG_8096_zps9aefd4d4.jpgBehind me the summit, 3849ft of pure cycling joy. But today we drove to the top. And once there, I couldn't get those flags up fast enough,....

That was close ! As fate would have it, the flag got caught in a tree just out of the shot. I just received the flag and I almost lost it on the first day out with it. Not to worry, I told you my Dolphin karma is strong.  photo IMG_8137_zps583288ba.jpg All together Marc had 6 other fans show up there ! Dolfans are everywhere, even atop mountains !!!  photo IMG_8124_zps6315d279.jpg

So I took some these pics and tweeted them around to the Dolphins and some of the players. This one got RT17's attention and he replied it.

 photo IMG_8140_zps2b76ee5e.jpg

One last group picture from a day I will never forget.

 photo 1000989_686864574672578_1049893063_n-1_zpseeb2aa89.jpg

With packing our belongs and cross country drive staring me straight in the face I thought my days on the mountain were done. But things went surprising well with the load out and I had some free time on our last Saturday in town. Live each day like its your last, so off I rode.

Riding uphill for an extended amount of time is grueling to say the least,...10 miles & 3849 ft. of elevation gain. To give some perspective, its kinda like pouring gas on your legs then setting them ablaze. Of course there are those moments when your heart feels like its about to jump out of your chest. What a pleasant combination, but one I fear I will miss dearly in the flat lands of both Ohio & Florida.

 photo IMG_0861_zps8ea4235d.jpg  photo IMG_0866_zpsd02b3605.jpg  photo IMG_0879_zpsde18ace5.jpg Say what you want about me, but if I'm anything, I'm dedicated. Dedicated to our team, our fan base, and now a charity that the Dolphins founded. I'm not a DCC militant. I just think cancer sucks, and I want to help.  photo IMG_0883_zps95359110.jpg With all the riding I now do, the 170 miles is going to be the easy part ( and that ain't easy). It's asking for donations that is the hard part. My Uncle was very special to me, and like many others he lost his battle with cancer. He was in his late 50's, married late in life, left a Wife & two small children, and is gone way too soon. I ride in memory of all those loved ones lost, and for those that continue to fight. No donation is too small,...

Please go here to donate!

Thank you for your consideration and,........GO DOLPHINS !!!!!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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