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I think I saw something on ESPN the other week that got me to thinking. If we had the ability to take one person (player, coach, GM) away from each team in the NFL to weaken them, which person would we take? I am going to go through the ones I'd say I would take off. Feel free to comment below on who you would remove to make the team weaker. To me this person is the most valuable guy in a franchise.

New England: To me this comes down to 2 guys, Tom Brady or Bill "the cheater". Personally, I take off Tom Brady as I think it was obvious the Patriots started rolling with him at the helm.

NY Jets: Hard one here as well. Mainly because I want them to keep everyone they have. I'd go with Cromartie as the guy that worries me the most.

Buffalo: Not hard at all. CJ Spiller is a stud. He will give us fits the way a former Buffalo running back used to...Thurman Thomas.

Houston: I am not a familiar with Houston. They seem to be strong all over. So I am going to go with the GM here. He has built a great team that looks to be strong again this season.

Indy: The guy I would have chosen is already gone (now the head coach of AZ). I guess you have to say Andrew Luck. Although, I don't think he is a stud yet, he seems to have the making of one.

Tenn: Not sure on this one either. The easy choice is Chris Johnson.

Jacksonville: I say let these poor fans have everyone on their team. Mainly because I don't think I could name 5 guys on the roster...

Pittsburg: I was tempted to say Big Ben, then tempted to say the head coach. Think I will actually go with the owners. The most stable NFL franchise from the top down in my opinion.

Baltimore: Most of them are already gone. I'd say Joe Flacco at this point is the only guy that is left from last year's great run.

Cinncy: Thought about Andy Dalton, but think AJ Green is the guy most teams worry about.

Cleveland: Trent Richardson would be my pick. He will give us fits in the opener.


If it was a loss for only this season, I'd say Wake. Since I am thinking down-the-road, I have to go with Tannehill. If he is gone (or doesn't do well) it will set our franchise back about as much as Andrew Luck going down would hurt Indy. We could get by with him out a year, as I have confidence in Matt Moore as a good back-up, but we need Tannehill to become great.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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