The Art of Perfecting a Traveling Mancave; my best work ever

Maybe you've heard, I've been hanging around The Bay area this Summer.


And every time we move, every time we find a new apartment I must find a way to put on display some of my Dolphin treasures. Some things are rotated in from my collection at home and others things have been acquired from our previous trip to & in Florida. Now I have done this several times and I've never been unhappy results. However, if one has been suffer without Dolphins football, one should do so in a space that eases that pain. I think I have accomplished that. And it just might be my best work ever.

Speaking of work,....mine is a grind. As a therapist a skilled rehab center ( nursing home ) my job is both labor intensive & mentally challenging, which is only intensified by the fact that my current facility has a large number of low level patients with mild to severe dementia. So when I roll up on our place I am greeted by this,.....and I smile automatically.


That's right,....there is an Ohioan present. And not just any Ohioan,......Ohiofinfan4life !

6 1/2 years on the road, soon to be 7. And in all that time we've gotten into the habit of collecting ( of all things ), refrigerator magnets. My frig is most certainly part of my Mancave,......when a Don Shula bobblehead is on top of it. With special appearances by Johnny Ramone and Brutus the Buckeye.


Its weird when the motherload resides right next to my frig. But this is where the "good stuff" is at.


The new items from left to right :

Griese signed throwback mini, game used puck from Everblades 15th anniversary season ( game played in Fl against Toledo Walleye ), Ricky Williams pennant ( $4), Zach Thomas signed hat, Don Shula signed throwback mini, Ryan Tannehill signed mini, and a bunch of signed photos ( and new one taken yet to be signed ).

Truth be told,....I cleaned off some random stuff that usually finds its way to the unused counter space as to my make it look good for you folks. Hope you appreciate that 10 seconds of hard work moving it to another spot on the counter behind me for the sake of a photo.

Moving on,.....

That's all well and good, but it's really not my mancave. This is,....


I have the perfect space to sit & relax outside after I go riding. And when I get ready to hit the road,....I need to grab my bike.


And like most guys, I got an area that kinda collects some random clutter. Only mine is hockey gear & bike stuff,...


Mini Marino,....he now lives in a box. However he has made it out into the California once so far,.....


Tailgating with Marc "NorCal" before the A's vs Giants game on Memorial Day,....


6 more weeks before we are packed up and heading back to Ohio. Just in time for the Dolphin's coming out party in Canton. While we are all suffering without Dolphins football, I have a space that keeps my sane.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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