Long distance fan that acts like local season ticket holder

So how many of you on this board, don't just talk about the Dolphins, but actually spend lots of cash to go to the games? Sure some of you might catch a game when the Dolphins get near the town you live in, every six or so years. Some of you make that one special trip to south Florida and catch a game. Since the day I met my wife in 1995 she knew how much of a fan I was. I had season tickets for the three years I was active duty Air Force in Homestead, Florida from 1984 to 1986. After I was reassigned, I didn't get back to a game in Miami until Ricky Williams premature retirement and Ben Roethlisberger's rookie season in a downpour from the remnants of Hurricane Jeanne in 2004. At that point we had been to several games in Denver (where we were living), Kansas City in 2002, and Dallas on Thanksgiving 2003. The cost of finding someone else's tickets was getting difficult and since we knew we would go back again and again having season tickets was the best way to go. With the Dolphins we also knew that we could continue to upgrade our seats wasn't too hard. In 2005 we sat on visitor side, upper deck about the 20 yard line. The next year we moved closer to the fifty, but still upper deck. In our forth year we moved to the lower bowl of the visitor side. Now we are on the shadier home side about the 15 yard line just four rows from the field. Every April, when the schedule comes out we start the process of deciding which two games will work best for us. We prefer weeks in September/October where there are back to back games. We make a nice couple's vacation of it every fall. We spend the week on the beach between two weekend games. Then Patty works her magic on the internet and finds buyers for all the rest of the games. Even with these trips to Florida we still go to lots of other games like Arizona in 2008 where we took two of our three daughters, and Kansas City in 2011 with our youngest daughter. In addition to going to these Miami Dolphin home games, we also have a storage locker in Mirimar that we store our beach supplies, and our tailgating supplies. We have a nice 12x12 Miami Dolphins' tent, grill, camping gear for tailgating. We do it all just as if we lived there. I hope some day we will live down there, but until then this is what we do. The schedule was not conducive to our liking this year and we are only going to one home game. We are going to the Saints game in New Orleans, then we are going to fly to Ft Lauderdale before the Buccaneers game and travel over to Captiva Island before the Bucs game. Then return to Ft Lauderdale for the Chargers game. Now if you have read all of this and might be interested in any of our remaining tickets they are as follows: Two seats on the home side, section 145, row 4. (about the 15 yard line) We live in Dallas and get season tickets just so we can always have pretty good seats. We are going to two road games, (New Orleans, and Tampa), but can only go to San Diego at home. Give me a shout if you think you would be interested in buying these tickets from us. I think this is going to be a great season and I wish I could go to more games, but it just isn't possible living so far away. Saving for a home playoff game! ;>)

Miami Dolphins

Sep 22 4:05pm Atlanta Falcons
Oct 6 1:00pm Baltimore Ravens
Oct 20 1:00pm SOLD SOLD SOLD - Buffalo Bills
Oct 31 Thursday Night 8:25pm Cincinnati Bengals
Nov 17 1:00pm Not for sale - I am going, San Diego Chargers
Nov 24 1:00pm Carolina Panthers
Dec 15 1:00pm SOLD SOLD SOLD - New England Patriots
Oct 29 1:00pm New York Jets

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