Miami Dolphins Yearbook


A look at the Senior Superlatives for your 2013 Miami Dolphins.

Now that the school year has ended I decided it would be a great time to hand out "Senior Superlatives" for our 2013 Miami Dolphins. Our Dolphins anticipate another long successful year with Principal Ireland and Coach Philbin. Let's hope there are no fights or suspensions this year.

The 'Dan Marino', Mr. Popular/Prom King Award- Ryan Tannehill

The 'Davone Bess', Bess Hair Award- Philip Wheeler/Dan Carpenter/Josh Samuda

Wheeler_medium Dc__medium Samuda_haircut_medium

The 'Dolphin Denney', Best Car Award- Daniel Thomas & his Chevy Camaro


The Best Dressed- Nolan Carroll


The 'Reggie Bush', Best Smile Award- Jonathan Martin


The 'Jason Taylor', Most Talented Award- Cameron Wake


The 'Zach Thomas', Most Likely to Succeed Award- Reshad Jones/Lamar Miller/Mike Pouncey

Jones_medium Miller_medium Pouncey_medium

The 'Larry Csonka', Most Likely to be a Porn Star- Marvin McNutt


The 'Mercury Morris', Fastest Player Award- Mike Wallace

The 'Larry Little', Strongest Player Award- Paul Soliai


The "Shula Steak House", Hungriest Player Award- John Jerry


The 'Ricky Williams', Most likely to come to practice stoned Award- Brandon Fields


The "Brian Cox", Toughest Player Award- Richie Incognito


The Cutest Couple- The Tannehills


The 'Chad Ochocinco' Class Clown Award- Jared Odrick


The 'O.J. McDuffie', Most Loyal Award- John Denney


The New Kid on the Block- Dion Jordan


The 'Jim "Crash" Jensen', Best Nickname- Charles "The Claymaker" Clay


The 'Jim Mandich', Most Likeable Award- Brian Hartline


Teacher's Pet- Matt Moore


That's all I could think of for now! BUT... I want you guys to help contribute to the Miami Dolphins Yearbook; if you think a there is a better candidate than I have nominated, OR if there is a new candidate you would like to add including their senior superlative.... I will add ALL highly recommended comments to the thread above. [For you rookies, you can REC any comment by clicking the star underneath titled "rec".] All posts that go 'green' will be added to the player pool above! Help me come up with some good ones!

DISCLAIMER: Obviously this is supposed to be a humorous post to help us cope with the brutal offseason so don't take anything above seriously. Actually, taking me seriously EVER is usually not really a smart decision anyway.


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