I Want Tim Tebow in a Dolphins Uniform

Now that I've got your attention since I'm almost sure you clicked on this article to see how much idiocy was spewed here, I'm gonna make my completely reasonable and dare I say logical case as to why we could use Tim Tebow...and no, not as a Punt Protector.


I'm sure we remember how Tebow made our defense look absolutely ridiculous back in 2011, he was throwing the football all over the place...and missing just about every time, and we all thought we had the game in the bag as long as Tebow was standing in the pocket...I was actually in Costco watching the game where Costco sells their big screen HD TVs, and I was talking football with all the other total strangers around me as we talked about how the Dolphins were finally gonna win a game with Tebow under center...

But then, all of a sudden...Tebow stopped being under center...suddenly we saw Tebow going left, saw Tebow going right, saw Tebow ramming through our defense, and then out of nowhere his passes started connecting with his targets, and lo and behold, we eventually lost that game. And we all know the rest of the story, Tim Tebow went on an inexplicable run and got the Broncos to the playoffs and then beat the Steelers, ironically enough, with his arm. Then he got traded to the Jets, and I don't even wanna touch on that because as a Tebow fan, I'm disgusted by how badly Rex Ryan screwed Tebow over.


I realize this is an image that the majority of my fellow Dolfans would be horrified, disgusted, repulsed, I can get a thesaurus if you want; I've made my point. But I was lying in bed one night when I suddenly had an epiphany...I realized how we could use Tim Tebow effectively unlike the epic failures that are the New York Jets, and it's all thanks to Ryan Tannehill.


As most of us know, before he was a Quarterback, Ryan Tannehill was a Wide Receiver at Texas A&M, and that fact is what got me to realize how Tebow and Tannehill could function in the same before you write me off as a rabid Tebowite, just hear me out.


Here we are...surely you all remember the old Wildcat formation that took the NFL by storm so long ago, Ronnie Brown would go under center with Ricky Williams cutting in front and either he or Ronnie would take off with it...oh yeah, and Chad Pennington/Henne would line up at the WR position. For a while it worked, but it's one-dimensional as defenses would automatically know that the Wildcat would equal a run play, and they would stuff the box and keep Ronnie or Ricky from getting anywhere. As a result, the Wildcat lost its roar quickly.

But now is where my epiphany comes in...with the combination of Ryan Tannehill under center, and Tim Tebow flanking him or behind him or wherever, the Wildcat could suddenly become effective again. Hypothetically, Tebow could be acting as a HB option, and Tannehill could either take the snap and throw it himself, run with it himself, hand it off to Tebow and let him throw it, or let Tebow run with it. That's not even counting Mike Wallace coming through the backfield and taking off like a shot on a reverse, or having Lamar Miller behind Tannehill with Tebow in the FB position flanking Tannehill. Or...oh my God...Tannehill can go run a short route! He's a former receiver!

"But Tebow can't throw!" Yeah yeah, I know, Tebow's not the best passer out there. But look, I can easily make a case that Butt Fumble Sanchez is no better, and somehow he still has a job pending Geno Smith taking over, which I'm still skeptical about. Jacksonville's QB tandem consists of Blaine Gabbert, and...oh look, our latest reject, Chad Henne. I'd take Tebow over them. But that's not the point. With all the trickery and sleight of hand going on, opposing defenses would be on their heels trying to figure out what the plan is, there are bound to be a couple of open guys that Tebow can throw to should the situation come up.

Well...I've made my case. It sounds complicated, it is complicated, and the chances of it ever happening are 999999 (approximately) to 0, and honestly I'd be fine with that. All I'm saying is, Tebow as a Miami Dolphin could work if we'd be willing to be creative about it, and actually let him be on the field every once in a while unlike the Jets did. I am by no means saying I don't have confidence in Tannehill, believe me I have all the confidence in the world, but I just think my plan would be an interesting and effective one. you be the judge, do you think my plan could be effective? Remember it's all hypothetical.

(edit) One thing I neglected to mention. Seeing as this is a Tim Tebow based post, I wanna make it very clear that I do not desire to be flamed because of my personal opinion. You wanna shout and holler about how awful Tebow is, that's cool. But don't flame me for my opinion on him. With that being said, back to reasonable discussion.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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