Picks for the 2013 season

Now that the draft is over and free-agency seems to be slowing down. I thought I post my predictions for the 2013 NFL season. Feel free to tell me how wrong you feel they are, but remember this stuff will be archived so we will be able to see what people's predictions were this early.


New England: 11-5. Too much Tom Brady. They will still rule the AFC East, but the gap will be closing. Their timeframe to win a title is shrinking by the year also.

Miami: 10-6. May be a bit of a homer pick here, but I like our changes and feel we will pick up 4-5 wins in division to help with the tough schedule.

Buffalo: 7-9. I think the Bills improve this season. Not a big fan of EJ Manuel, but he won't be much worse than Fitzpatrick was. Looks to have good weapons on offense, and the defense improved this offseason.

NYJ: 4-12. Think the bottom falls out this year on the Jets, and Ryan is gone by week 10.


Cincy: 10-6. This is one of my surprise picks. I think this division beats up on each other and has several good squads. I think the Bengals are a rising team and will be good for a long time.

Pitt: 9-7. Big Ben will keep them competitive. Just think they are aging a little too quickly and losing guys like Harrison and Wallace will not help.

Balt: 9-7. Flacco is a good QB and I like their draft. Think they will return to being very good in a few years, but this is a down one for them.

Cleveland: 6-10. I could see some improvement here, but they will struggle within the division and have a hard time getting to solid record.


Indy: 11-5. I see this being a theme again in the AFC South. Luck will be better and the team around him ought to be solid this season.

Houston: 10-6. They will be a good team again, just don't see them going 13-3 anymore. Not sure why I'm not as sold on them...

Tenn: 7-9. If they ever find a good QB they could be very dangerous. Good for us they don't have one.

Jac: 4-12. The will struggle. The good news, maybe they get to pick a good QB out of 2014 draft that should have several.


Denver: 13-3. Runaway division. Denver is head's and shoulders above anyone in this division. With the additions on offense, Manning may have his best season this year.

KC: 9-7. Think they will be competitive, as they should with all the talent they have. In a weak division, that gets you 9-7.

SD: 7-9. Most talent on a team in the 2000's that didn't win anything big. Maybe they'll turn it around this year...nope.

Oakland: 6-10. Will be improved with Matt Flynn...nope, nevermind. They will be where they normally are.

Playoffs: Miami in upset over Cincy and New England over Houston

Denver over Miami and New England over Indy

Denver over New England

Other predictions:

Tannehill: 25 TD's, 4,000yds

Miller: 1,200 yds and 10 TDs

Jordan, Taylor and Thomas all start for Miami

Hartline is still leading WR, although Wallace averages over 15 yds per catch

Wake/Jordan/Vernon/Odrick: Have 30 sacks combined.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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