Ryan Tannehill Must Win Now.



In 2012 Ryan Tannehill displayed flashes of a "Franchise QB" and he's what a lot of Dolphins fans have been wanting since Dan Marino retired. His QB Rating was a 76.1, he passed for 12 TDs and 3,294 yards with 13 INTs. That's solid for a QB that had only 20 starts in college.

After reviewing the Dolphins' schedule, I think that Tannehill and co' can earn a Wild Card spot in 2013. A (10-6) record is within reach.

Wins: NYJ X2; BUF, NE, CLE, TB, IND, SD, CAR, and CIN. Losses: NE, NO, BUF, PIT, BAL, and ATL. (5-3) Home and (5-3) on the road.

Jeff Ireland brought in weapons for Ryan with the additions of Mike Wallace, WR; Brandon Gibson, WR; Dustin Keller, TE; and rookie TE, Dion Sims. The aforementioned players above are interchangeable at their positions, which fits OC Mike Sherman’s scheme and system to develop Ryan Tannehill and most important “win” football games.

Tannehill has all the tools to succeed in the NFL and it’s up to him to deliver in the end, because if he doesn’t we are looking at another rebuild year for the Dolphins and I’m sick of those and you should be too! I wasn’t alive during the Super Bowl era for the Dolphins and Dan Marino’s only Super Bowl appearance. And as loyal Dolphins' fans we deserve it.

The Dolphins can’t baby nor, spoon feed Tannehill anymore, because if they do, we are looking at Chad Henne 2.0 and we know how that turned out. Luck, RG3, and Wilson won football games last season as rookies if Tannehill doesn’t lead Miami to the playoffs or at least a 10-6 record, I suggest they cut him after the season and start with a new QB. Bill Parcell’s mantra holds true. "If they don’t bite as pups, they won’t bite as dogs". So 17-15 after two seasons will equal to above average and that’s ok for a second year QB and head coach after major roster changes in 2 seasons.

A lot is on Tannehill’s shoulder, but as the team’s leader and field general that’s what he gets paid for. One thing I dislike about Ryan Tannehill is his passive aggressive attitude. If you watch Andrew Luck, he’s confident and demanding; Ryan isn’t and that scares me, because he is catering to his teammates feelings too much. He should show passion and fire every game. All that Mr. nice guy stuff should be thrown out the door as soon as he steps on the field

Mike Sherman stated on the radio that Ryan Tannehill will be the "most improved QB in 2013" well the time is now and If the Dolphins do have offensive success, one imagines it will be in large part because of consistent quarterback play. There are physical tools that Sherman looks for in a quarterback prospect, but most important is how he approaches the game.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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