There is a dude from Northern California,...

Dolphins fans are everywhere and ( as we all know ) their passion ranges from wild to mild. So I wasn't surprised when I heard about Marc's 'NorCal" garage, where he wrenches on Range Rovers, was totally painted in Dolphins colors a year or so ago. What was a bit surprising is that I would end up living & working just 40 minutes from him this Summer. If I know one thing it is this,....anyone that decks out his place of work in Dolphins colors, in the shadows of Raider Nation/49'er Country I was bound to like. I wasn't wrong.

Marc & I hit it off like two peas in a pod. You see he also has organized some Dolphins group outings. To hear him talk about the game last year in San Fran or the other he when to in Arizona, is nothing but good stuff. The couple times we've been together its like a mega collision of Dolphins stories on both sides. No sooner one story ends, it melts into another. And if it has something to do with Dolphins we talked about it. Games, players, regime changes, logo changes, the weather ( at games ), merchandise, the stadium, the food at the stadium, WQAM, FB, Cheerleader,....future cheerleaders, future owners. And, sweet this season is going to be ! The shitty thing is, our paths won't cross at any games this season. He's got home opener, then on the road to NOLA. Sadly I am unable to make either of those games.

Back to his garage. To me it is a total thing of beauty, going with a less is more concept.




Now I had no idea that one could buy a professional grade tool chest in Dolphins aqua, but Marc had one !


Notice his tattoo ? Marc doesn't just have one Dolphins tattoo,....he has three !


His screensaver is his other tattoo that is on the rear portion of his calf,......and I had to work myself into a picture somehow.


I love it when I meet other Dolfans, especially when they have gone all "next level".

On my last visit he just happened to be wrenching on this baby, '87 Jag with 170K on it. For 27 years old it seemed in great shape, and priced to sell at $2,600 !


I gave to it some thought,......until the Wife put up major resistance. My mind '87 Jag way cooler than '02 Impala. Her mind,.....its 27 years old. Oh well,....I just have to hit the lottery and buy a new one. I wish,....

So while I haven't warmed up to our new "look" its good to know that I have a built in support system while we're here in the Bay Area for the Summer. Which is a perfect place to cycle away all my frustrations.


The Golden Gate Bridge is nice, but my frustrations need something with a bit more bite. Luckily, just 12.5 miles from our apartment is a State Park called Mt Diablo,......California's "Devil Mountain". It's summit is 3,849ft. That might be a bit much for my after work ride. However, best believe before I leave here for Ohio ( and onward back to Florida ) and will be a climbing machine,....

Now, convince Marc to come to Cleveland for week 1 !


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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