This is total tuneage

Well for one; the Coaches that we've had here, when we played against sum i used to think that Shula could take there players & they (coaches) could take Miami's players & Shula could still beat them. But after he left & are drafting hit skid row for numerous years back to back. I keep wondering how come there was such a big turn-over in the head coaches for Miami, it was obvious they were not good & and we would rifle in different head coaches. Ok when Shula called it quits, there was a tear-but my life (i didn't think) would be turned upside down, yet worse was about to happen.

1.) Thank-you coach Philbin-Ireland. You may have saved a life, mine lol. To follow are the Rag tag coaches that for one reason or another never, head coached an NFL team in there lives again.

A.) Jimmy Johnson he was the best of the group that disapointed me to no end .

B.) Dave Wannstedt this guy needless to say never should have been a head coach but cuz of a shortage on coaches no one else was available. he wood win just enuff to keep us from the elite in the draft (QB) we always needed a first rd QB but were never in a position to get said QB. only cuz he was a defensive coach & his winning precentage, was a bit better then Shula's. Had hope for him.

Anyway here we go - #1 George Wilson-66-69=15-39

#2 Don Shula - 70-95=259-196 opps 2 ties 257 wins thats what i'm talking about.

#3 Jimmy Johnson - 96-99=36-28

#4 Dave Wannstedt - 00-04=42-31 read (B) above. +1 AFC Division Championship

#5 Jim Bates - 2004=3-4

#6 Nick Saban - 05-06= 15-17 another blunder. Ty Ireland & Philbin

#7 Cam Cameron - 2007=1-15 & i really thought we should have gave those first 15 games to Saban.

#8 Tony Sparano - 08-11(3)=29-32 with an 11-5 season in there, + 1 AFC Division Championship.

#9 Todd Bowles - 2011 (3)=2-1 the players love him!

#10 Coach Joe Philbin 2012=7-9

Bowles had the highest winning percentage of any coach but not much experience at all.

Hey uno what this is all fluid under the bridge, when we play sum of the teams that we played last year surprise Texas being one in preseason we will shock them to no end. the Colts will be a pleasure thanks to the Ireland Effect. Because at one time he's the one that got Dallas there big'man on defense.

As was suggested at an earlier time that our 3rd over all #1 pick "MIGHT BE A BUST" in DE disguise. I'm not quite sure how to answer that but if you look real close, Mr. Wake is not getting any younger. I for one I back Mr. Jeff 100% on getting the players needed once he knew what we're looking for.

I like our coach & our GM, I simply love the way our team is coming together, Im in TUNE with the way my chest is expanding & contrasting.

*********************This is WZB go dolphins*************************

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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