The NEW Dolphins DB Depth Chart

I am going to take a look into the depth of the Dolphins defensive secondary. Why? Because it is the one area that got recently upgraded and hasn't been hammered to death. I have been reading draft reports and player analysis and watching highlight reels on a lot of these guys since the draft ended and I have a few surprise twists in mind. Ultimately, Coyle will make a much better decision about how to play these guys than I will, but hey it is post draft and pre-training camp time. What else do we have to do besides postulate? I am really tired of talking about the line of dough boys they brig in to examine at OT.

Corner Back

1) Brent Grimes- Assuming/hoping he comes back from injury as good as he once was, or even at 90 percent of that, would be a significant improvement to what we had in the secondary last year.

2) Jamar Taylor- If the scouting reports are right, which I think they are after watching some highlights, then the kid only got to us at 54 because of a medical scare that will ultimately be of little to no consequence. If so, I am expecting him to start as a boundary corner right away. While he isn't the best press man corner, he excels in off man and to a lesser extent zone coverage. Which is almost exactly how Coyle likes to play it. This kid has good size speed and ball skills. I see no reason he should not be a day one starter, especially with a competent coaching staff and a good example in Grimes.

3) Richard Marshall/ Demitri Patterson- Either one really but don't be surprised if it is both. I think Patterson would take a contract extentsion for less money and more job security. Richard Marshall on the hand is coming back from an injury and needs to prove himself. If he can not recover he can be cut or if Grimes is unable to return to form then him coming back from injury allows us at least a competent CB to play along with the rookie.

4) Rchard Marshall/ Demitri Patterson- Again, I think they find a way to keep both Patterson and Marshall whom I believe would be great complimentary nickle and dime backs.

5) Don Jones- That's right, not Will Davis or even Nollan Carroll. Jones was a SS drafted because the Dolphins F.O. thought they could make a Nickel corner out of him. And after reading up on this kid it makes perfect sense. We finally get Nollan Carroll off the roster and have some the depth/ developmental players for once. Don't worry though, the Davis pick is not wasted. O' contrair.

Strong Safety

1) Reshad Jones- Pretty obvious at this point Jones is a pretty darn good safety, possibly a rising star. He needs another year like last though to prove it wasn't a flash in the pan year before we can really have the "Blue Chip" player discussion.

2) Kelcy McCray- Coaching staff likes the kid and I think he will at least be a competent back-up that may have been a starter on another team...with time.

3) Jimmy Wilson- Another young man the coaching staff likes very much. He plays both CB and S and can be a competent back-up at both. He also produces well in special teams. That is the kind of player that Philbin and Coyle like, versatile and hard working.

Free Safety

1) Chris Clemons- Started all last year and I believe a good portion of the year before. He is another of the old regimes "decent starter potential" guys. Clemons did fairly well last and all but many feel the position could be upgraded. That is why he probably only got a one year contract for generally low money. Prove it Clemons. You think you're a starting FS, show us why we don't need an upgrade. That would really have been a luxury pick this year any higher than maybe late 3rd.

Which brings me to...

2) Will Davis- I know, we drafted him as a third round corner but hear me out. He has prototypical FS height and weight. He has above average to rare ball skills. He ran a 4.43 40 and had a 36in Vertical Leap. (Height and weight also listed in link). But sometimes he gets burned by receivers that aren't as fast as him. According to CBS Sports "Davis still intrigues NFL teams due to his natural athleticism, football instincts and work ethic" . That is true. From watching the highlights, Davis gets almost all of his picks and probably a very low QB rating in the red-zone. This suggests he plays very well when facing the play. This is because he has an instinct for reading the QB and the play when facing them. That is the exact rare trait needed in order to be a top notch FS in the NFL. Pro-football Focus gives an excellent breakdown of NFL prototypes. His straight line speed is what will give him the edge after diagnosing the play in action. If they can teach him the new position this year, some better tackling skills, and get him some rotational reps I think he could be that top flight field marshall type FS. At the very least he coud be as versatile a player as Jimmy Wilson. His 4.43 40 yard dash time would sure be nice after interception.

Oh, and I found these again for you guys.

Ultimate Jamar Taylor Highlights | HD (via TheFootballman175)

Will Davis vs Louisiana Tech 2012 (via xuesac84)

In the Will Davis one, at about 3:35 there is a beautiful redzone int that displays exactly what I am talking about.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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