The mike wallace argument and why you should tell your friend to shut the..

"Broooo, how could you say thatttt. Mike wallace was over paid, hes only a one trick pony." - That Friend.

Listen, seriously listen to this statement that your dolphin downer friend constantly makes.

While a larger majority of WR's coming out of the draft are slower then Mike Wallace, the fact remains that a good amount can run close to his speed. Why aren't these players also being offered millions of dollars to be a teams top wideout. Why was it Mike Wallace out of all these speed guys, the so called "one trick pony" guys, why was Mike the one with the large payday?

1. He has averaged 8 TD's per game for his 4 year career.

What do the dolphins lack? Scoring touchdowns from the WR positions. Actually just scoring any touchdowns offensively would be a real help to this team.

2. He is 26 years old.

With only 4 years in the game, the potential for Mike to be capable of bettering his craft has a greater chance of still being there.

3. Where are all the other speed guys? What are there touchdown numbers? Clyde gates? Ted Ginn? Why is it Mike who has had these sort of number through 4 years in the NFL?

Clearly his game and athleticism and dedication and everything about him shows he is serious and dedicated to being the best. Do you think in the NFL players can be lazy and rely on pure athleticism to get them through? I know TO and Chad Johnson seem to be succesful even though they are clowns, The truth is they work there ass of to be world class athletes. You cant get out there and do anything close to what they can. Players who get Mike Wallace numbers are Athletes. and if you want to make sure you address your teams needs, your best option would be with someone who is a real athlete. Someone who with convincing would actually be capable of considering working on there craft, and you need to guarantee that you will get this player.

You have to over pay for him!

If another team offers him close to what you are, the possibility of him choosing another team because its close to home or because his boy told him to do diminishes and he has a greater chance of accepting your offer. Why risk losing the best player available, the one with the most potential and the one who brings to the table a skill set that your team lacks and brings scoring from the WR position.

What are they over paying him by anyways? 3-4 million?

Its not your money.
Do you think that money would be better spent on someone else? We have a huge amount of cap space.

Ireland is finally seeing what this team needs to do, he has chosen a vision of the team that many fans seem to share. I believe the majority of us share this vision of the dolphins and although sometimes we dont want to get over the past and dont feel we can trust people anymore like Ireland, we just have to face the facts: He is addressing many real team needs. Needs that most of us agree were there last year.

Shut it, Trebek.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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