Dolphins still have cap space to sign needed FA's

Miami dolphins can still make FA moves here some long shots and smart signing they can do with there cap.

Let's start out with saying that dolphins can and without any more signings by June 1st will have over 20mil in cap plus 2.7 when they release the kicker and 4.6 or 9.2 if we cut Richard Marshall and Dimitri Patterson. A slot corner shouldn't get paid 4.6mil so Patterson gone and so is Marshall if he don't reconstruct his contract. Cap prediction......

7.4mil cap space 5/10/2013

+10.7mil from Dansby and Burnett 6/1/13

+2.7mil from Carpenter (cut)

+1.6mil (restructure Marshall)

+4.6 from from Patterson (cut)

27mil grand total a max of 10mil for rookies, so with other 17mil who is in the FA we can use and afford.

Starting with offense the best pick up we have left in FA would be Ahmad Bradshaw @ 27 could easily be are starter with miller since our other RB aren't very impressive and have one set skill set, and our 5th round rookie could be 3rd string, bye to gray and Thomas. Bradshaw recent surgery will match what dolphins been doing this FA grabbing good injured players on affordable 1 yr contract.

Other RB's: Beanie Wells, Michael Turner, Payton Hillis, and D.J. Ware.

At the WR position, not saying i don't love having Wallace hartline Gibson and Sinkfield we can add a proven vet like Braylon Edwards his height and skill set is prefect and his last two season horrible production is even better could probably get at a good price.

Other notable WR's: Brandon Lloyd, Randy Moss, Chaz Schilens, and Laurent Robinson.

Last on the offense of side is OL we can afford to add veteran depth RT Clabo RG Louis C Pouncey LG Richie LT Martin i wouldn't gamble on Martin without getting a OT to compete so Jared Gaither would be a guy i look at young with talent just had a Randy Moss season "gave up" he just need fresh start he best LT out there and a cheap option like RG Louis was that can come in and start.

Other notable OT's: Eric Winston, Winston Justice, Max Starks, and Mario Henderson.

Now on the defense side of the ball the talk of Jordan being to small for DE isn't a problem i got him penciled in as olb starting over koa misi so main concern is finding a real 4-3 versatile DE that can make impact and/or start this season and i like John Abraham yeah he's 35 but we don't need him to be are future that's what we got Jordan for. John could have fun paired with wake competing for most team sacks in 2013 while Jordan start at OLB getting more experience out of his rookie season then just playing situational downs.

Other notable DE's: Dwight Freeney, Juqua Parker, Ray Edwards, and Kyle Vanden Bosch.

No earlier i predicted that Marshall lower his contract price to stay a dolphin while Patterson will be cut or vice versa maybe but we could use a true Vet. corner and there's a really good one left with Quentin Jammer more of a man, jam up the WR type of guy but can play zone as well coming off the bench mentoring the young CB's we drafted.

Other notable CB's: Sheldon Brown, Leigh Bodden, Drew Coleman, and Jason Allen.

Last on the defensive upgrades and depth would be safety since the signing of DE would push odrick to DT and Jordan and koa manning the weak side LB spot only hole left is safety. Who better of a mentor and back up then Charles Woodson who even said he us welling to join a team in the rebuilding stage which we are the best looking rebuilding team why not become a dolphin.

Other notable safeties: Kerry Rhodes, Quintin Mikell, Nate Clements, and Chris Crocker.


-Bradshaw signed a 4yr 18mil contract after his best season he does everything block, catch, run outside and inside well and only 27 but now we should be able to grab for a lil less then that old contract (2yrs 8mil)

-Braylon Edwards signed a 1yr 1mil contract in 2011 with SF that would increase if he had production don't see why we can't get for same price or less after 3 bad season with 3 different teams, (1yr 1mil)

-Jared Gaither signed a 4yr 24.5mil deal last year but after his first season under contract he was released not because of bad playing but they think he faked injuries and didn't wanna play kind of like Moss in Oakland but a fresh start with lil pay could hunger him to do better and make more, he is also young and could be the future with Martin(1yr 2mil)

-John Abraham signed a 3yr 17mil contract last year cut to make space, he was pose to make 6mil this year giving his age but with his great field play you can't low ball to much (2yr 8-10mil)

-Quentin Jammer just got done with a contract that paid him 4mil at his age (33) he isn't worth that anymore but can be a very good mentor for are our rookies for there first two years. (2yr 6mil)

-Charles Woodson would be great addition to thin DB depth and another great mentor for Rashad Jones and Chris Clemons. Woodson was set to make 6.5mil and worth it not taking his age in consideration but since you do when it comes to contracts. (2yr 7mil)

That's 17.5mil which leaves us the 10mil max. That we could use on rookies which i doubt they would use that full amount. My picks are maybe high priced but getting few of the notables instead of my picks could leave us with more cap to roll over. Think Bradshaw and Abraham most important of the bunch.

Changes would mean Bradshaw and miller @ RB.

Wheeler/ellerbe/jordan @ linebacker.

Jammer/Davis as 3rd CB .

Woodson coming off bench to cover. either safety spot.

John Abraham and wake starting the two ends combining for 20+ sacks.

Jared competing for a starting job and being great back up.

Braylon being in red zone package with Keller, Sims and Wallace.

Let me know what you think fans and critics.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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