NFL Draft Player Preview 2013: Mark Harrison

Here is another player preview of a lesser known player, but one of my personal favorites in this years Draft. He has the potential to be selected as high as the 3rd round, but most likely will hear his name called in rounds 4 or 5.

Mark Harrison, WR, Rutgers

Height: 6’3"

Weight: 231 lbs



Mark Harrison hasn’t been the most consistent receiver during his time at Rutgers, but he is surely one of the more intriguing receivers in this years draft. At 6’3" 231 lbs with 4.37 speed, Harrison would probably flourished in a receivers’ offense like Baylor and West Virginia spread offenses. Harrison defiantly has the build of a #1 receiver.

Here are Harrison’s highlights against Louisville, Arkansas, and Cincinnati.


Harrison has great size and a very powerful build. He also has very long arms that measure in at 35". With his superior size he has a massive range to come down with passes and overcome smaller corners. Also due to his size he uses his big body to his advantage, boxing out corners from the ball. Harrison is hard to bring down in the secondary. He not only has the power to run through tackles, but quick enough feet to make players miss. The most exciting part about Harrison is his surprising speed for a receiver his size. He has pretty solid footwork when it comes to block players in the secondary. Is very competitive.


The biggest knock on Harrison is his production. During his time at Rutgers he never really posted the numbers some expected of him. This could be credited to lack of solid quarterback play, and sharing a field with 2012 draft pick Muhammed Sanu. Some of the draft "experts" also believe that Harrison isn’t quick enough off the line and will have problems with separation at the next level (I haven’t seen this). At times he doesn’t look the ball in and starts thinking about his next move before he settles the catch. Harrison also needs to attack more when run blocking.


Harrison is big and fast. Isn’t that what NFL teams want from receivers? Harrison is defiantly a measurables guy, and would probably be best to go to a team that has receivers he can sit behind and tweak his game. Some teams may not give him a look because of his inconsistent production, but in rounds 4 and 5 he is worth a pick.

Fit For Miami?

The only place I think Mark Harrison would be a potential better fit than Miami would be Green Bay. Harrison needs to go to a team that doesn't expect much of him right away, but will get him some looks and playing time. The passing offense Miami uses under Joe Philbin likes to get different receivers on the field in different looks. Miami could also really use a big body playmaking receiver. The only receivers on Miami's roster right now that are taller than 6'2" are Binns, Tymes, and Fuller. Who knows how long any of them will be on the team. They also don't have 4.37 speed either. With that 4.37 speed Harrison could also help take the top off of opposing defenses. If Harrison and Wallace both go deep which do you cover? What about Hartline and Keller underneath? Harrison's speed and size could be perfect in Miami.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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