Hold your applause for Omar Kelly's 2013 NFL mock draft

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We're less than three weeks away from the 2013 NFL Draft, and already we're encountering some nice pre-draft-treats. Yesterday, ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper threw the middle finger at Dolphins fans everywhere by mocking Alabama tackle D.J. Fluker to Miami in his last draft projection. Today, it's a look at Sun Sentinel writer Omar Kelly's mock draft, unveiled earlier this week.

It's an age-old question: who is the greatest NFL draft analyst in all of the land? And while you'll rarely see two football fans agree on the answer, they can all agree on one thing: no quarterback talk before 9:30 a.m.

Sun Sentinel writer Omar Kelly unveiled his 2013 NFL mock draft yesterday, and the result was, well, it was pretty good. Brief, but good. Omar's mock has a stripped-down feel (really, it's a slideshow), which is a refreshing sight considering we're 20 days away from the draft. At this point, the mere thought of reading "reach" or "value pick" will get me dry heaving.

Here's a short rundown of Omar's first-round projection. Slap the hand if you don't like it:

  • Texas A&M tackle Luke Joeckel is a near-unanimous choice to go No. 1 overall to the Chiefs, and that's where he is in Omar's mock.
  • Kiper's latest mock has Central Michigan tackle Eric Fisher falling to the Cardinals at No. 7. Omar disagrees, and has the big man landing in Oakland.
  • It's becoming a mock-draft trend to drop Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner out of the top 10. That kind of thinking will get you banned. Milliner to the Eagles at No. 4 in Omar's mock.
  • Omar loves him some Dion Jordan, and has the Oregon pass-rusher going to the Lions at No. 5.
  • Omar's tweets over the past few weeks led me to believe that he isn't much of a Bjoern Werner fan. Silly me. Omar has the Florida State pass-rusher going to Cleveland at No. 6. Vroom, vroom, party starter.
  • We have our first surprise pick at No. 7, with the Cardinals selecting Georgia outside linebacker Jarvis Jones. Hey, the Combine and pro day are overrated anyway.
  • I hope West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith likes winter. Omar has him going to Buffalo at No. 8. IS THAT QUARTERBACK TALK!?
  • Surprise pick No. 2 (sort of)--Alabama guard Chance Warmack to the New York Jets at No. 9. Hopefully Warmack gets Rex Ryan to start eating again.
  • As you probably guessed (especially if you follow Omar on Twitter), Florida State cornerback Xavier Rhodes is the Dolphins' selection at No. 12. "Dolphins need a young, athletic, rangy CB, and Rhodes fits Jeff Ireland's prototype," Omar wrote of the pick.
  • Here's a terrible thought: Omar has site favorite Desmond Trufant going to the Steelers at No. 17. Yecch!
  • Surprise No. 3--BYU defensive end Ezekiel Ansah to the Green Bay Packers at No. 26. Let's hope this doesn't happen.

You can check out the full version of Omar's 2013 mock draft here. Deuces.

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