A look at some of our UDFA WR signings

I know some of you are disappointed that we didn't take a WR in a particularly deep draft. I have to admit I am surprised we didn't take one either, especially since we traded away Davone Bess.

But we do have a good set of starting 3 WRs, and a good developmental guy in Rishard Matthews, who came on solidly at the end of last year.

However we have about a handful of guys who will enter training camp battling for two(maybe three) roster spots.

Bess was an undrafted "acorn" Can we find another one this year? Read on

(links are embedded in the names of these kids to some scouting reports)

Jasper Collins vs Mary Hardin-Baylor (2012) (via Aaron Aloysius)

Jasper Collins comes across as the prototypical slot WR. He does not have the size or bulk to play any of the outside WR positions. But he is perfect for the middle.

What stands out is that he is fast, he ran a 4.47, and he has a good vertical leap.

He also runs very good routes, but his blocking needs some work, again that may be due to his small size.

All that being said he is my favorite to make the roster, he does remind me of Wes Welker a bit.

Oh he can also return punts.

Cecil Shorts and Pierre Garcon found sucess at the NFL level, Maybe Collins can be the next Mount Union WR to do so.

- Draft Profile.

- Interview

Chad Bumphis 82 yard punt return TD (via Hunter Hartness)

Chad Bumphis vs Kentucky (2012) (via Josh DB)

Another small WR who can double as a PR. But we have Marcus Thigpen for that. Still the best chance these guys have at making the team would be at STs.

Bumphis had a very productive senior year catching 12 TDs and had about 900 yards receiving.

He was also the MVP of the East -West Shrine game.Where he caught a 57 YD pass for a TD, and had 92 total yards receiving.

So all that being said, why was he undrafted?

Well like all of the WRs that we signed he comes from a small school. In fact, he comes from Mississppi State; The same school were former Bills great and several time Dolphin killer Eric Moulds played.

Also, he was arrested for disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.

But that to me that is the very definition of "A dumb college kid being dumb". Rather than "OMG HE IS A TEAM CANCER AND A DRUNK AND POSSIBLY HITLER!"

He also isn't the fastest WR, with good not great speed. Still he reminds me of Davone Bess. He can be a good slot WR in the NFL.

Terrell Sinkfield: He ran a WHAT?

-BR article # 1.

- BR article #2

- Interview.

University of Northern Iowa's Terrell Sinkfield Highlights (via Vincent Hanna)

(You may want to mute your speakers, I apologize for not finding a good highlight reel without N bombs)

Yes, we signed THAT Terrell Sinkfield, the one who obliterated the sound barrier while giving Usain Bolt and the ghost of Al Davis erections.

Or maybe he just ran a 4.19 40.

Either way that's damn impressive

Here is what Yahoo's Doug Farrar had to say:

As a pure receiver, Sinkfield's speed does show up on tape — both long speed and short-area burst. That's not always the case with track-fast guys. Not only can he blast past defenders when running vertical routes, but he's also developed the ability to scream through coverage on slants and posts. In addition, he's surprisingly aggressive after the catch for a player with his slight frame — he generally gets free and looks for extra yardage once he gets the ball, especially on slants and quick screens. He also tracks the ball well and has the ability to jump over cornerbacks in close coverage. Sinkfield has learned to contort his body in order to catch badly-thrown balls while on the run. He didn't run the entire route package at Northern Iowa, and there will be some serious questions about strength of competition, but when NFL talent evaluators take that 40 time as an excuse to turn on his Northern Iowa tape, there will be some good things to see. Sinkfield could be especially effective as a rotational receiver in an offense where there are a lot of vertical passing concepts, and fades and long sideline routes are the order of the day."

Now he didn't produce a lot in college, however, he is very athletic, and very raw.

He is most definitely a developmental prospect, I could see us stashing him on the practice squad, or attempting to given some other team would fall in love with his speed.

I really had a hard time finding any info on the next two guys

  • Chris Denton

- Interview

- Measurables

Chris Denton #1 Sr. Highlight Tape (via Chris Denton)

That's about it really, he seems to be known as" the slow guy who played with Jasper Collins."

I guess you can evaluate him yourself in the YT video above, but I would be surprised if he made the final roster.

There are no specific highlight videos of him. But I know he is 6'5 and weighs close to 220. He seems to be a good possesion WR who is a big target.
However we drafted Dion Sims for that role.
So what do you all think, which of these WRs is an "acorn"?
Like I said before I like Collin's chances to make it as our #4 or #5 .
I wouldn't sleep on Bumphis either, if we keep 6 wide outs I can see him grabbing that last WR spot.
And that would leave Sinkfield as my practice squad guy.

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