Why I love our First 3 rounds Picks...and You should too

First off, let me start by saying, Ireland has shown some aggressiveness that I have yet to see before as the general manager of the miami dolphins. He STOLE the 3rd pick from Oakland for just one second to move up 9 spots from the 12th pick. To give you a comparison, St Louis gave up their 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th, which is pretty fair value based on the draft points chart, to move from 16 to 8. So Yes, Ireland STOLE 3 picks he should've had to give up to get Dion Jordan. Now I understand Oakland's point of view, they wanted D.J Hayden and were going to take him at 3 or 12, so picked up an extra 2nd (who turned out to be Menelik Watson) for technically nothing in their minds.

Now back to the 3rd pick, I, like almost every Dolfan, thought we were getting Lane Johnson, but then I thought, wait...could it really be? Ireland has NEVER drafted an Oklahoma Sooner , EVER. Not sure why, but he hasn't...then I thought, is he really going to give the job of LT to a guy so raw (although he has a very high ceiling)?. So when I heard Dion Jordan's name I was in shock but also it made a lot of sense to me. The same guy that drafted Demarcus Ware and had the pleasure of being around Jason Taylor some in the past few years clearly saw something that caught his eye. Elite physical traits, great closing speed, a frame that has room to add bulk, and extremely VERSATILE. Had he been asked to play hand in the ground all season, i don't doubt he would've had double digit sacks. He was asked to drop back in coverage maybe 30% of the time, and really played a ton in space, rather than on the line. I expect Miami will use him in a joker role similar to how Denver uses Von Miller in their 4-3. Obviously being on the other side of Cam Wake, it will be havoc in the back field on every down, and despite his small frame, he can definitely play the run well. Needless to say, i'm very excited about this pick and think by year 2, it's going to be something special, with him, Wake, and Olivier Vernon still developing and training with Wake all offseason.

Cornerbacks Jamar Taylor and WIll Davis

So round 2, i was praying a guy like Trufant or Taylor would fall to us, luckily Taylor did and we scooped him up. Very very physical corner, can certainly tackle , had 4 picks last season, 13 pass defended, very smart and instinctive. He really showed up in the senior bowl competing against some of the top guys and more than held his own, not to mention any corner that gets huge praise from Pat Surtain is fine by me.


I love the Jamar Taylor pick by the dolphins. Physical, great feet, fast, can play inside at the slot, student of the game, knows concepts.

Next is Will Davis

The guy only ran a 6.52 3 cone drill...which was the best in the combine this year. Now for all those that love the 40 yard dash, this test is the true determining factor for corners given it tests balance, and change of speed in short distance. That time is also the 14th best time for a corner EVER. This is PERFECT for a slot corner and any corner who isn't asked to press cover too much (which we don't in Miami under Coyle which is why Sean Smith is history). Also he had the 3rd fastest 20 yard shuttle at 4.02 seconds. The is still pretty raw given he was a JUCO transfer and had 5 picks last that he will be a good corner in the NFL.

Finally, last but not least Dallas Thomas

Playing in the SEC, this guy more than held his own on the left side of the Tennessee line. Played LT very well and really excelled at LG, given he was the best O-lineman on the team, they had to move him around more than they would've liked. He has versatility, agility, and played against elite competition. He can pull and I think gives us more depth and options along the line should Richie move to the right side or possibly be gone in a year or so.

Overall, i love what Ireland has been doing. We have linebackers, we have D-lineman, we drafted 2 corners...I expect maybe a FS, TE, WR, OL, and RB might be our other targets. I do know that Ireland and Philbin want WR's that aren't just slot or outside but can play the x, y, and z spots (another reason why Bess in now in Cleveland) so that might explain why guys like Stedman Bailey weren't taken (who i personally loved). I would love to grab a guy like D'arick Rogers, or Patton but I think TE and Safety are our biggest needs/wants going from here on.

Finally, I fully expect Miami to sign Eric Winston or Clabo or even Bryant Mckinnie. We aren't going into the season with Martin and John Jerry/Nate Garner/Dallas Thomas as our Tackles. Not when everything else is in place. Expect a 2-3 years deal for one of those guys to be a stop gap while we develop some of our younger talent to take over after a few years. Winston fits the scheme the most but clearly there is an issue with him or he would've been signed already in my opinion.

Anyway, would love to hear your guys thoughts...PHINS UP!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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