Draft Notes

1. It is good for Miami that the jets own the #13 overall pick now. Tampa Bay was almost guaranteed to go after similar targets at TE and CB, while the Jets will likely target Jarvis Jones at OLB. It also gives Miami leverage to trade down. Jarvis Jones would have been great value to Pittsburgh at #17, but now they would need to trade up with Miami for a 3rd round pick to jump ahead of the Jets to get him. Pittsburgh's #1 need is OLB, with WR close behind, and TE. At 17 they are behind Miami, Jets, and St. Louis, who all are looking at the same needs. This is a very likely trade for Miami because of positional value. It is very likely Miami could trade down to17 and still get a similar value: Eifort (TE), Richardson (DT), Woerner (DE), or Rhodes (CB). One of them should be there.

2. Being at pick #17 could be great for a trade down as well, if Miami wanted. Minnesota @23, Atlanta@30, San Francisco @31, could all be looking to trade up for a need. If Miami could trade down with San Fran or Atlanta for a #1, #3, and a #1 next year, they should likely do it. Who's to say DJ Hayden or Jamar Taylor around #30 won't be better than Rhodes @17?

3. Most mock drafts are starting to coalesce around a similar pattern for the first few picks, and it is likely to be very close to what happens.

1- KC: Luke Joeckel (OT)

2-Jacksonville: Dion Jordan (DE/OLB)

3-Oakland: Shariff Floyd (DT)

4-Philadelphia: Eric Fisher (OT)

5-Detroit: Dee Milliner (CB)


This is really the perfect scenario for Miami if they want Lane Johnson. The only two people, reportedly, on Cleveland's board worth the #6 pick are Dion Jordan and Dee Milliner. If both are gone, it is likely they would be willing to trade down with Miami, as much as they like Barkevious Mingo.

4. Even though lane Johnson will likely be available at #6 for Miami, my gut feeling is that they will not get him. I think they are willing to trade pick 2b, but I think they would only be willing to trade 2a for Eric Fisher or Luke Joeckel. If San Diego is willing to trade their 2nd to either Detroit or Cleveland, I think that deal gets done instead.

5. Miami may have little choice but to go with a DT in the first round, if they are committed to value. Between Charles Casserly's recent mock draft and the recent beat writer's mock draft in the LA Times, it is more and more of a possibility that Jonathan Cooper (OG), Dee Milliner (CB), Lane Johnson (OT), AND Tyler Eifort (TE) could be gone by #12. If that is the case, Miami may be stuck with a choice for either Xavier Rhodes (CB) or Sheldon Richardson, or Star Lotuleilei (DT). The greatest scheme fit, most athletic, and best value of those 3 choices seems to be Sheldon Richardson (DT).

Two possible mock drafts for Miami; one if they stay @12 and no great value falls to them, and another if the trade downs to 17 and 23 occurs.

1. Sheldon Richardson (DT)

2a. Robert Alford (CB)

2b. Gavin Escobar (TE)

3a. Philip Thomas (S)

3b. Aaron Dobson (WR)

4. Hugh Thornton (OG)

5a. Travis Bond (OT)

5b. Caleb Sturgis (K)

Trade down Mock:

1. Jamar Taylor (CB)

2a. Matt Elam (S)

2b. Jordan Poyer (CB)

3a. Montee Ball (RB)

3b. Brandon Williams (DT)

3c. Brennan Williams (OT)

3d. Brian Schwenke (OG/OC)

4. Quanterus Smith (OLB)

5a. Dion Sims (TE)

5b. Dustin Hopkins (K)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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