Teams I hate...or dislike...and why

wrote this a few years ago...

Teams I hate

The New York Jets. (Arch Rival of the Fins...Even if I'm not rooting for Miami now, I couldn't root for the Jets) How could you not hate a team where their coach trys to trip a player who came close to him during play??

The Patriots - Arch Rival, but also I hate them for the snow plow game. And for turning Wes Welker into gold.

The 49ers - They beat Miami in Marino's only Superbowl. Hate them.

The Redskins - They beat Miami in the only OTHER Superbowl I remember. Definately Hate them.

Teams I dislike quite a bit

The Bills - They are in our division! Can't like them. (Although I'm impressed by them this year)

The Steelers - God I hate listening to Steelers fans talk about Thumbs and rings and second hands and all that crap

The Jaguars - Florida Rival, Team that Beat Miami in Marino's last playoff game (and handily). The Buccaneers - Florida Rival. Hated Warren Sapp. Haven't gotten over that. (I do like the Pirate Theme and ship in the End Zone)

I used to hate any team that had Bret Farve on it. Simply because he didn't retire in time to allow Marino to keep his records. Damn you Farve!!

The Ravens - You just can't like a team that abandon's it's home town.

The Colts - See above. (Well, I DO *DID* like Manning. I know, doeesn't make sense. I think it's because he has cool tv commercials)

The Giants - Really - I can't give any credence to a team that shares it's home stadium with anyone, much less the Jets. (They do get special props for beating the Patriots *TWICE* in the Superbowl, eliminating them from the Unbeaton Season club. )

The Raiders - I just hate how everyone says their name "THE RAAAIIIIDEEEEERRS" give me a break;

The Rams - See the Ravens and Colts.

The Browns & the Bengals. - I respect that Cleveland rebuilt their team, and most of their fanbase returned. But I hate the dog pound. C'mon. And they have sucked since they returned I think. And the Bengals are all over the map. I like their color scheme (I was a Tiger in High School)

The Cowboys. Secretly, I hate them because they beat Miami in a superbowl...but I'm forced to watch them so often because my wife likes them. And in watching them, I know they've fallen from the 'America's team mantle (which I hate) and are saddled with a QB that couldn't win a big game if the other team was deliberately throwing the game. Loved beating them in the Leon Lett Game...

The Chargers - I should hate the Chargers for beating us in the double overtime game way back in 80's. But that game was so phenomenal to watch, I only just dislike having lost it. It also has my all time favorite play for the Fins - the Hook nd lateral at the end of the first half. What a moment!! I do hate Kellen Winslow for having to be carried off the field about 17 times only to come back onto the field and catch another critical ball for them time after time... I liked Dan Fouts. I dislike Phillip Rivers cause every time I take him in my fantasy league, he lets me down.

Teams I'm Blah on

Kansas City - We usually beat them in the Playoffs. Of course, neither team can get near the playoffs lately, so that's moot. (I anticipate they will beat us this week, and they'll get pushed up in to the Dislike category for awhile)

Seahawks - I kinda like their name, but who can like a west coast team when you live on the east coast. I'd hate having to wait til 4pm or later each week to watch them.

Tennesse - They switched towns...didn't like that...but ...well, they kinda suck

Texans. - I'm seriously considering that they should be up in the dislike category because they have beaten Miami every time they have played. I still consider them an expansion team. But I kinda like Matt Shaub.

Cardinals - Now, when I played Semi Pro, I was a Cardinal. And I hated that! What a stupid name for a football team. Have you ever gotten afraid of a cardinal? Tigers, Lions, Bears, Yes - Cardinal?? At least with the Dolphins, I can rationalize that Dolphins can and do take on Sharks. They do it with finesse, and brains. What can a Cardinal take on?? A worm???

Chicago - I loved beating them with Marino in 85 to preserve Miami's undefeated season on Monday Night Football when I was in College and should have been studying for a huge test the next day. Other than that hated the Superbowl shuffle and that dude with the sunglasses and crew cut at QB.

The Vikings - Yea, no.

Teams I might just like in some form or fashion

Philadelphia - I'm a philly fan for every other sport, my father and brother are eagles fans and they have a cool movie about that dude who tried out to be an eagle and made the team for a few years. And I'm a pennsylvanian. If not the Steelers, might as well be the Eagles.

New Orleans. Only because of Drew Brees. I've had a football crush on him for a decade. Damn Miami for missing him TWICE - once int he draft and then they could have gotten him but decided on Culpepper - Stupid coaches!

Green Bay - Might be a "Bandwagon" pick here, but they do it right. The town owns them. They have a great fan base. They play football under the weather despite the cold. (The cheese head thing is kinda wack though)

If I missed a team from this list, they don't even rate on my radar...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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