What The Hell, I'll Take A Stab At It Too.....

I am not one of those around here that you will ever see post a mock draft. I am not a scouting guy and if a player is pointed out to me or I hear a lot of talk about one guy or another that I think will fit a need for our team then I will seek out his information and watch his videos, ect.... When it comes to these sorts of things I defer to people that are well immersed in these sorts of things. For our site here in particular I suggest checking out some of the more in-depth posts from our own Keith (fast food is my life) Bebee, Chris (Nascar is bitchin') Early and of course from our fearless (although I think he fears Alpha just a little) leader Kevin (anyone seen my hat) Nogle.

All I care to do today is propose a trade.

What I do know about this draft is that the first round has somewhere in the range of 15 players with a first round grade. This mean's to me that by the time we get around to the 12th pick, assuming that everyone in front if us takes one of those 15, then there are only 4 first round talent guys left. Of course a few or maybe just a couple of those guys with the top 15 grade that should be taken will not and a team or two will take a reach or what is seen as a reach. I of course know this like everything to do with the draft is subjective. One board could have a guy as a mid second rounder and another team for whatever reason have them as a first but for the basis of this exercise we have 15....

So the question is when we get to 12 and there are lets say 6 guys that we have that first round grade on are they guys we want or need? If not and knowing that the second and third will be full of players with second round grades do we then try and trade back? The truth of this draft is that it is not top heavy with sure fire stars but is in turn very deep from the second to the fourth round. I think this is where a team with multiple picks can really clean up this year. We of course already have a lot of picks giving us some flexibility but who would not love to have a few more of those picks right in the sweet spot of this draft?

So I propose a trade with the Cowboys. Why the Cowboys? Well driving around town this morning and worrying about my phone because I had forgotten it I was listening to the local sports radio show. They were talking to a member of their station staff that works the Cowboys beat and actually has an office out at Valley Ranch. They were of course talking about the Cowboys draft possibilities and the comment that struck me was that while they do not need help at wide receiver, Jerry Jones was in love with Tavon Austin. They had a few other possibilities but they said knowing Jerry and how he reacts when he "loves a player" they could see him trying to trade up to around 13 if Austin was still there. He went further by saying that if this happens he would not be surprised to see the Cowboys trade away Miles Austin for a 4th or 5th rounder as they have many holes and salary cap issues so they need as many young cheap bodies as they can get. Further making this a possibility for us is our position in the draft at 12 and the fact that Ireland is friends with Jerry and much of the Cowboys front office.

I know many Phins fans love Austin but I don't see us taking him in the first nor do many of the others that also love him. So my actual trade proposal is we give the Cowboys our first rounder, #12. In exchange we get their first rounder #18, their third rounder #114 and Miles Austin. This moves us back only slightly while giving us another third in the middle of the third round along with Austin. Miles is not what he was a few years ago but still managed 66 receptions for 943 yards, a 14.3 yard average and 6 TD's. For sure a nice piece to add depth to our WR group. I would rather have their second rounder but I think asking for their third and a player that they need to then move would be easier for them to stomach and make the trade a much higher possibility.

There is also talk that the 49ers want to trade up to 18 with the Cowboys. The reported price they are willing to give up is their first rounder #31 and their first second rounder, #34. Not sure we do this but if there was no one they wanted that they could not get till the end of the first this would give us the second to the last pick in the first round. For the second round the 2nd, 10th and 22nd picks. For the third round the 15th, 18th and 20th picks. For the fourth round the 14th pick. For the fifth round the 13th and 33rd picks. For the seventh round the 11th, 18th and 44th picks. I really like the idea of having 7 picks in the first three rounds.

Thoughts? Too many trade backs? Good idea if the right players are not there? Terrible idea no matter what?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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