Wins, Loses, & Logo Changes ; in the end its all about memories made & friendships formed

I tell a lot stories, I've got lots of them to tell. Those road games in my mid 20's when I was cutting my teeth as fan at the game,....the mullets, the spandex Dolphins zumba print, that 80's heavy metal swagger. Detroit. Shitty cold rainy overcast day witnessing some sort of fish being blown to pieces with some M-80's and a long wick. Buffalo. Asking Darryl Talley to sign a game day program " Buffalo sucks",.....same day.

How about that one about year I got my Dolphin leather coat. It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. 1st time I wore it, to a game in Nov as it was an early Christmas gift. I got in a fight and it got scrapped up a bit ( it now has character ). Pittsburg. Jimmy Johnson changed the logo the next season. I was bummed beyond belief. But, after a bit I liked the change as it looked tougher.

Years before I was a member here I stumbled on to a Dolphins fan club in Toledo. It just happened to be no more than 3 miles from home and in the neighborhood that I grew up. Pretty convenient and I joined in there 2nd year of existence. One of my main goals there was to network with others for possible road trips. That worked out so well that one of those friends ended up in my wedding. When I hit road games back home Bob has always been my wingman holding down the fort while I clown around. This Summer in Canton, it will be no different. BTW,.....for all my bitching & moaning that WILL be one hell of a coming out party,.....for the team.

I love going back home for the early season. It's like I get the best of both worlds. A solid fan club at a local bar & grill. And meeting others that will attend road games up North.

Straight FL for the "snowbird" season by mid Oct'ish., and next year will be our 7th do so. Not long after I begun blogging my adventures here. In doing so I've met so many people, so many great experience and win or lose we share a common bond.

MrMedic the 1st time we met was 90 minute laughfest. not to mention the time MM planked of his beer mug soon after he returned from serving his country.

Walking the streets on NYC with Strange looking for a spot to eat lunch.

Villi, my friend from Romania. Bys & Bruno from Belgium. There where games we attended and I couldn't tell you who won or lost at which game. But I can tell details about the memories I've made with new friends.

DolFansNYC,....I wished they all lived by Joe Robbie on game days. They could help the home crowd, they are a sick bunch & I like them. If you ever get a chance to go to a Jets game up there,....DO IT ! Again more memories more friends. Dwight, Sean, Nate, and Michelle.

Then there is The Phin Addicts, what can I say about these guys. We've become best friends. It was them that "recruited" me for The Deep End once I responded to one of there FB posts looking for Dolphins fans who where "crazy" about the team. A lot of funny shit that happens around game day doesn't always make it to these posts. But I got the memories.

Another friend asked for a favor earlier today. So I'm going to ask you for the same favor. It doesn't cost a thing & it only takes a minutes. You are simply voting to help a family with a disabled child win a handicap accessible van. Don, Andre's Father, is a Deep End member.


Being in the healthcare profession I have met many, many family members that have to become caregivers for loved ones. However, it most always a grown child looking after their parents. Being a caregiver is not easy, all. Can we help ? Can we put aside logo differences aside and help a fellow hardcore Dolfan in need ? I have to believe we can,.... ( LINK FAIL,.....HELP !!!)

Thank you for your consideration, thank you for all input on an earlier post. And most importantly,.....thank for being Dolfans,.....and my friend.

Forever proud,


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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