Miami Dolphins Round 2 Options

With the Brandon Albert trade rumors going around, two things are clear 1. The Dolphins do not feel Martin is strong enough to play LT 2. Miami doesn’t like any 2nd round offensive line prospects. When I first thought about it, I did not want this trade to happen. I thought a 2nd round pick is too high for Albert who is 28, especially because Miami would have to give him a big contract after. But re-thinking it, it might make sense. Albert is proven and will be better than Long and Armstead. Watson and Fluker will not fall to 42, and there is a chance Pugh may not either.

So let’s say with the 54th pick Miami has 3 options, Albert, Long, or Armstead. Personally I would rather have Albert. Miami will not pick Kyle Long because of his off the field issues, and I don’t think Armstead is good enough, especially as a LT. Technically Miami has 4 options, including packaging the 12th pick and the 54th pick, (Maybe even also a 5th or 7th pick) to the Cleveland Browns for the 6th pick. In that case Miami will most likely take Lane Johnson. I obviously would prefer Johnson out of those 4, which is why I am not against trading up. This is of course assuming Miami is targeting an offensive lineman in the 2nd round.

Kyle Long – I see a lot of people choosing Long to Miami. He is athletic enough and he fits the scheme, however he has off the field issues and Philbin would not want him on the team.

Margus Hunt – Hunt is very athletic, however he is 26 and doesn’t fit a 4-3.

Larry Warford – Warford is one of the top guards in the draft, but he is too heavy for a zone scheme.

Darius Slay CB Mississippi State – Elite speed but is he talented enough?

Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB UConn – Wreh-Wilson is a very good zone corner, but also very slow. Can he be an exception?

Justin Pugh G/T Syracuse – Good scheme fit but has short arms so he will have to play guard. However teams love his versatility and he may not even drop to 42.

D.J Hayden CB Houston – Had a life threatening situation just a few months ago. However he is one of the top CBs in the draft. His story was amazing, but he may not even make it out of the 1st round.

Terron Armstead T Arkansas-Pine Bluff – Very fast, but as an offensive lineman he needs a lot of work. He played against lower competition, and would probably work better as a guard.

Johnathan Banks CB Mississippi State – Good fit for zone scheme and has good size, but very slow. It’s tough to project where he will end up, because he was slotted as high as top 15 to as low as top 50.

Johnathan Hankins DT Ohio State – A run stuffer more suited for the 3-4.

Zach Ertz TE Stanford – Good receiving skills, but poor blocker.

Robert Alford CB Southeastern Louisiana – Athletic with good ball skills, and can mix man and zone.

Alex Okafor DE Texas – Good hands and speed but needs to add weight.

Kawann Short DT Purdue – Good pass rusher and athletic. Short could be a future starter if Starks or Soliai leaves.

Jamar Taylor CB Boise State- Taylor can play man and zone, he is fast and has flexible hips.

Jonathan Cyprien S Florida International – May not be available, but a hard hitting athletic safety with good coverage skills.

Matt Elam S Florida – A little short but good instincts and a very good playmaker.

Eric Reid S LSU – Reid is athletic, but inconsistent pass coverage skills.

D.J. Swearinger S South Carolina – Hard hitter and very versatile, but poor range.

Robert Woods WR USC – West coast receiver, does not possess elite speed. However he is very versatile as he can play on the outside or in the slot.

Gavin Escobar TE San Diego State – Will have trouble getting separation because he is slow, he is a below average blocker, but good receiving skills.

Jordan Poyer CB Oregon State – Poyer is slow but has good quickness, vision and recognizes plays very well.

Players Miami should target that may not even fall to 42 – Pugh, Hayden, Cyprien, Taylor, and Elam.

If any of those 5 players fall to 42, Miami should definitely draft one. However Miami will need to get lucky, so in that case they should focus on Woods, Alford, Slay, Wreh-Wilson, Swearinger, Short, and Okafor. I think those 7 players are more realistic options at 42 and 54.

So let me know what you guys think. Who would you rather have Johnson, Albert, Long, or Armstead? Let me know which players you like in the 2nd round that you would want to see Miami target. Also if you felt I left and players out, all comments and recommendations are greatly appreciated.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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