2013 Draft Prospect Cheat Sheet CB

First Fan Post, as I am one of the "Noobs" on the site. I give props to the all the contributing editors/writers, because the process of creating a post can be quite challenging. I enjoy reading all the Dolphins post and have to say you all do a heck of a job.

Im sure we are all expecting to draft a couple of CB's, one early (Milliner, Trufant, Rhodes) and/or another (Slay, Amerson, Mathieu) in later rounds. I thought I would be helpful and compiled this draft "Cheat Sheet" to make it a little easier to search for the top twenty possible prospects value and give ammunition to the debates. I rarely keep up with College ball, and had never seen or heard of some of the prospects till the news or a member mentions them. This is why I usually scramble before a draft to get the lowdown on all the available players.

I used's top twenty CB list to compile the CB's by round. NFL's official combine site for all Combine information. Player highlights are all from Youtube. I understand highlights are always in favor of the player but at least we can view the prospect in action at thier best. The draft scouting was from a plethora of sites but, the information seemed sound in my review. Press Here in either combine, highlights or scouting and it will take you to that player's link. Enjoy and Phins up!

Compiled list of CB prospects

Projected Rd Name Height Weight 40 Combine Highlights Scouting
1 Dee Milliner 6'0 201 4.37 Here Here Here
1 Xavier Rhodes 6'2 210 4.44 Here Here Here
1 Desmond Trufant 5'11 190 4.38 Here Here Here
1-2 Johnthan Banks 6'2 185 4.61 Here Here Here
1-2 Jamar Taylor 5'11 192 4.39 Here Here Here
1-2 B.Wreh-Wilson 6'1 195 4.53 Here Here Here
2-3 Darrius Slay 6'1 192 4.36 Here Here Here
2-3 David Amerson 6'1 205 4.44 Here Here Here
2-3 Jordan Poyer 6'0 191 4.54 Here Here Here
2-3 Robert Alford 5'10 188 4.39 Here Here Here
2-4 B.W. Webb 5'10 184 4.51 Here Here Here
2-4 Logan Ryan 5-11 191 4.56 Here Here Here
2-4 Dwayne Gratz 5'11 201 4.47 Here Here Here
3-4 Tyrann Mathieu 5'9 186 4.50 Here Here Here
3-4 Leon McFadden 5'10 193 4.54 Here Here Here
3-4 Terry Hawthorne 6'0 195 4.44 Here Here Here
3-5 Will Davis 5'11 186 4.51 Here Here Here
4-5 Josh Johnson 5-9 199 4.65 Here N/A Here
4-5 Tharold Simon 6'2 202 4.51 Here Here Here
4-5 Rod Sweeting 5'11 189 4.42 Here Here Here
2-3 DJ Hayden 5'11 191 4.40 Here Here Here

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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