If I was GM-My Mock Draft

Jeff Ireland has an extraordinary job ahead of him. Most people sit and ponder about the draft. They analyze and critique every player available. They dig deep and search for any possible reasons to condemn them. That’s the nature of the draft. If you let the hype around a player overshadow your own judgment then you will most likely fail when it comes to discovering talent.

Through all the smoke and mirrors, you have to find the light and see yourself out. Otherwise, you will be consumed by the madness that is the NFL draft. Most teams throw out false information in order to get the player they want. They might say a player is bad just to make him fall to them. (Even though they don’t truly believe that).

So, this year I decided to jump into Ireland’s shoes and do what he does. I did my own research and scouted numerous players and came up with this mini Mock Draft (four rounds). I made these picks based on what round they were projected to be drafted. Some players might be there, some might not. Regardless, these are the players that I would draft if I were Ireland.

Please keep in mind that Ireland might not draft some of these players because of character issues, doesn’t fit the scheme or other concerns. This is solely based on my opinion of the player and what they could bring to the team.

As the Joker would say: And here we…go.

With the (First Round) Twelve Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft; The Miami Dolphins select:

TE- Tyler Eifert- Notre Dame Tyler is a freak of nature. This guy is a monster coming in at 6’6 with 250 pounds of pure muscle. We did sign Keller, but it wouldn’t hurt to have two capable TEs. Besides, Keller only signed a one year deal and there’s a chance he might not even be back the following year. Therefore, I classify this as a position of need. Eifert has the talent to be the next great TE. (Graham, Gronk, Hernandez, Gates type of talent). Why miss out on such a talent in a position of need when he’s there for the taking?

With the (Second Round) Forty-second Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft; The Miami Dolphins select:

OT- Kyle Long-Oregon Funny I know, we lose one Long and gain another. I think Kyle is a damn good OT and will fit our scheme well. During his Oregon career, he consistently opened up running lanes for his RB and kept his QB upright. Plus, Long has great football genes in his family. His father is Hall of Famer Howie Long, and brother is pro-bowler Chris Long. (This night not be the best gauge, but I feel it helps when trying to determine whether he’ll succeed at the next level or not.)

With the (Second Round) Fifty-fourth Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft; The Miami Dolphins select:

S-Matt Elam-Florida Matt Elam is projected as a second rounder and I seriously hope he is still there. This Gator is a damn good safety and pair him up with Jones and we suddenly have one of the best tandems in the NFL. He is PLAYMAKER and is always around the ball. Just by watching the tape you could see that he stands out. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he’s a Dolphins’ fan.

With the (Third Round) Seventy-seven Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft; The Miami Dolphins select:

OLB-Jamie Collins-Southern Miss I think it’s no secret we need a pass rusher on the opposite side of Wake. This is where Collins comes in. Put Collins on the opposite of Wake and suddenly you have a pass rush. He is always around the ball and making plays. He gets off the line quick and leaves little time for tackles to set up. In his last year, he had 92 tackles, 10 sacks, 20 tackles for a loss and 4 fumbles. BEAST

With the (Third Round) Eighty-second Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft; The Miami Dolphins select:

WR-Da’Rick Rodgers-Tennessee Tech His character issues are a bit alarming, and Philbin probably wouldn’t want to deal with him. But if this is my team, I’m drafting Rodgers. He reminds me Brandon Marshall. He has the sheer talent but is a bit unruly. Every time he saw the field, he was making plays. In 2012, he played with the backup QB and still put up monster numbers. Not to mention he is 6’2 and weights 217. He is a BIG physical threat for our red zone offense which seriously has been lacking. Pair him with the speedy Wallace and look out!

With the (Fourth Round) Fourteenth Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft; The Miami Dolphins select:

RB- Marcus Lattimore- South Carolina I can hear those sirens going off. Are you mad?!...Yes, yes I am. I remember watching Marcus run all over defenses and being amazed by his sheer talent. This guy is a STEAL for a fourth rounder. I know his injury is a giant concern but we have seen numerous times how athletes nowadays have the ability to come back from such horrible injuries. We just saw Adrian Peterson do it this season. The Dolphins situation with RB is not set in stone. We have a unknown RB in Miller and a pretty mediocre RB in Thomas. Marcus is a good complement for Miller and a good backup option if Miller were to fail/ get injured. Do you trust Thomas as a full time back?

And with that, I complete my two days of drafting. I took these players a reason. I believe they have the talent to make a difference from the get go. Let me know how you feel about my draft.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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