Mock Drafts Suck...

But I am going to make one anyway. Did I get ya? Did you think it was going to be anything else with less than two weeks till draft day? PPPPPLEASE! This has been my first post in a while, I have been working and lurking a lot though. I will attempt to make as realistic of a draft as possible well as include trade options. (Really want out of the 12 spot.) I will also keep in mind who is doing our drafting and his track record. I am only covering the first 3 rounds. 5 picks is enough to mock and to be quite honest, my interest wanes with the later rounds.

Round 1)

With the 12 pick in the draft the Miami Dolphins select.... Desmund Trufant or Tyler Eifriet.

My money here is if we don't trade back and none of the top OT's or Milliner fall we will be selecting Trufant. CB is a position of need and Trufant plays both schemes fairly well. I also believe can grow leaps and bounds in the offseason working with Grimes.



The surprise pick in the first round would be Tyler Eifert at 12. First, TE's don't generally go this high. TE isn't a need so much as a want. And this also depends on how we feel about Egnew. If we think he a bust then Eifret makes more sense. At 12 it would be a reach, but man does that catch radius make your mouth water.



Now, I did say I was going to speculate a few tradescenarios and the first round is no exception. I am not going to mock us trading up in the first round this year because quite frankly, it just isn't going to happen. There is a better chance of one of the top tackles falling. My best prediction is a trade down. Ireland has traded down in the first before and this would be no different. It is a draft the you want to be picking from 25 to 75. We have a couple of picks there already and by trading down with Minnesota we can get a better selection. I propose we send them 12, Bess and another 4-5 round pick for picks 23 and 25. The Vikings just lost Percy Harvin and while they picked up Greg Jennings who else do they have to throw to besides Kyle Rudolph? They are in need of a slot receiver and they could seriously need some D-line help. At 12 one of the elite DL will be there. Which we don't really need. Why not trade down and select BOTH Trufant AND Eifret with 23 and 25?

Round 2)

This is where we see Ireland go back to his Parcells roots for a moment. We need a starter on the OL and I did everything in my power not to mock us one in the first round. I do believe Jonathan Martin will be our starting LT next year. Therefore, with the 42 selection in 2013 NFL draft the Dolphins select....RT Menelik Watson.



6'5 310 lbs. and athletic as they come. He ran a 5.06 310 lbs. The big knock here is that the guy needs to be coached up some more and doesn't have tons of experience. Ok, our Head Coach is an O-line guru, and our O-line coach is supposed to be amazing. So let's get it done.

(I really don't foresee any trades with the second round picks unless we feel we can move up or down a little to get the player we really want.)

On then to the 54th selection in the Draft! And for this one I see us taking Eric Reid, S LSU



The kid is already a ballhawk. With the ability of Kevin Coyle to teach defensive backs(The Kevin Coyle Effect) and the opportunity to let him learn this year and come in with rotational play behind Clemons. Reid and Reshard Jones in the backfield with Grimes, Trufant, and Marshall as the Nickle is all of the sudden a very scary secondary.

(The only other option I truly see here is if Demontre Moore falls to this point in the draft. I view DE and S as about equal on Ireland's Need/Want list and wouldn't begrudge him either of those picks to be honest.)

Round 3

Alright, I am hitting the home stretch so bear with me. It's time for round 3 and another couple of Dolphins choices. The odds of us trading in this round is pretty high. But for the most part I don't see anything big unless we think we need to move back into the second round. Wouldn't be too opposed to that but I am going to let the picks stand where they may and give you my opinions.

At pick 77 overall in the 2013 draft, The Miami Dolphins pick... Ryan Swope or Darius Slay. If Miami trades in the first and trades away Bess as I have aforementioned then Ryan Swope is the pick. If they did not make that kind of trade then Slay is the pick. I will go with Slay here as the Bess thing is more of a hypothetical situation.



Darius is 6'0 and ran a 4.38. He needs to add a little weight and strength but the rest of the assets are there that in a couple of years he could replace Grimes.This pick is also backed up by the fact that Ireland has doubled up on needs 4 out of 5 times in the last 5 years. This pick would also make Peterson an almost assured cut unless he stays on at Vet minimum and we send Nolan Caroll packing. (PLEASE on the latter.)

And finally, ladies, gentlemen, Alpha, Nicky and the Beaver the 82nd selection of the 2013 draft....Brian Winters. Justin Pugh could fall this far and I hope he does but Brian Winters is a solid G prospect that will be available with this selection. Pugh could be there though as interior linemen, especially with as many 2nd round WR's and CB's there are in this draft, tend to fall to later rounds.



Kinda reminds me of a young Incognito...with out ALL of the temper. I know he played tackle in college but he grades better in the NFL as a G. Kent State isn't exactly a huge school competing against top tier talent but a 1A schools can still produce good players. Especially on the o-line.

So there it is Gents. 3 rounds, 5 selections and few added possibilities. You can love it, hate rec it or whatever. But here is my unadulterated 2013 Miami Dolphins 3 round mock up. What would you change?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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