There will be a "run" on Olinemen trust-me, but will we still be there?

This is a great-sign for Miami as we are sitting in the cat birds seat at #12, (5 teams are joshling) for the top guard left on the board one team is gonna haft to come up with two really good picks we've traded with the Bears before, but as it is laied out in front for the world to see it's the Rams. Yes the Rams hold 2 first rd picks, but so do the Vikings.

1.) Rams-have 2 #1 picks this year.

2.) NY Giants-have 1 #1 picks this year & next year.

3.) Bears-have 1 #1 pick this year & next year.

4.) Bengals-have 1 #1 pick this year & next year.

5.) Vikings-have 2 #1 picks this year.

All are below us in the drafting order, all could use a guard in this years draft & yes there desperate. Oh (four out of these five teams) (DE/OL/CB/) will be calling Dolphins "hot line" in the War-room come Friday. Desperate teams do desperate things this is when the Miami organization needs to strike, when the Iron is hotest.

Even the ring of sensation tells me all this is a rues, the rest of the story when we come back.

Ok late breaking News; all this Man te'o is a front, what is on the minds of the Coaches is Spactacularism. Get any & all but how? When we saw that we might be able to trade up with the Raiders. We set out to depleat there ranks, even if it ment buying at an over price.

Now they are at need at LBer, but all the time keeping our eye on the Minn. Vikings this will be key later down the road. Our coaches saw that (Texans game) where Misi, was the next best thing on the football field. All talk was how to get up into the #3 spot Raiders territory knowing all the time we just took there power & strength at linebacker.

So Miami knowing that there are time's a team will turn desperate, is when a team takes a player what is thought to be a strength-then they scramble like the chicken with his head dislodge from his body. IE Oakland Raiders weve seen it in the past, of how a team will-reach when push comes to shove, & the Raiders are (putdy tats). This is how we get up into the #3 spot on the board.

We (Miami Dolphins) take Misi & our #12 pick along with our late #2 pick & send it to Raiders for #3 over all. With #3 already in tow we shift gears we grab Misi's replacement Dion Jordan. Now we know that Atlanta's sitting there at 30 & they are coveting Tyler Eifert, like a team possessed Prior to haveing all the answers is a late look at how we get back into the first rd.

If you remember earler when i exclaimed that we would be keeping a close eye on the Minn. Vikings, & all are Perimeters. Knowing good & well that Tyler Eifert is the other hot topic. And we send Bess a super WR. & our #2 pick, this is all good as long as Atlanta does not trade up into the draft-box as well. We then make a cold move, this time with the Vikings & at #25 over all. I'm really looking for some feedback thx.

*******************This is WZB injoy the next 13 days go Fins**********************

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