Mock Draft 2013- shaking up the draft board

We all know that Luke Joekel is going to go 1st overall to the Chiefs. But then, didn't they just franchise a LT? If you are a O-line detractor why don't you help my theory out here. Is LT the Chiefs biggest need? How can you as a O-line detractor see them wasting a 1st overall pick on an O-lineman? Who would be their target then, if they truly want to rebuild? Who would you take 1st overall?

Lets say for a moment that they go some other way. What if they go pass rusher? What if they take Shariff Floyd? What if they view Geno Smith as the guy they want to target? Andy Reid did pretty well with Donovan McNabb at QB. Can Geno Smith be that same kind of player for him? And if so... how do they pass on him?

Pick 1(Chiefs)- Dion Jordan

How do the Jaguars then respond? If most people had them passing on Fisher, would they pass on Joekel as well? They still need a pass rusher. How can they not like the raw potential of a guy like Ezekiel Ansah. Who cares what I think about the guy... he has the height weight speed combo that could make him a special player, even if he is raw.

Pick 2(Jaguars)- Ezekiel Ansah

Raiders still need help on the defensive line.

Pick 3(Raiders)- Shariff Floyd

What if Joekel falls all the way to the Eagles at 4. I am guessing they would have to take him right? But what if they again surprised everyone and went with a CB? Or a pass rusher(depending on who was still available). But is a taking a LT how you see Chip Kelly making his debut in the NFL? What if he went after another playmaker on offense? Would they go after a guy that most other people don't see being such a high pick? Does he look at LT as a position he can fill in the 2nd round? Because this post is all about mayhem I am going to say that Chip Kelly shocks the world and goes after another WR to pair with Jeremy Maclin and Desean Jackson... scary...

Let the hijinks continue

Pick 4(Eagles)- Cordarrelle Patterson

The Lions would have to replace at least one of their OTs they lost last year. There has to be some sanity in this post.

Pick 5(Lions)- Luke Joekel

The Browns still need a CB.

Pick 6(Browns)- Dee Milliner

Again, the Cardinals need to protect their QB. Whether they choose as OT or OG... they need one.. since the 2nd best OT prospect is still available at 7... they go boring...

Pick 7(Cardinals)- Eric Fisher

Who is still on the board that the Bills need? Where could we see them going?

Pick 8(Bills)-

I will continue to add to this post and edit as I hear from everyone. The point of this is not to see what everyone thinks teams WILL do.. The point is to explore what they COULD do. I am trying to recreate that draft day experience of "what is that team thinking?" My ultimate goal is to get Lane Johnson to drop to us at 12. We can then use our two 2nd round picks to jump back in the 1st round to take Jonathan Cooper. We can follow up with 2 CBs in the 3rd round, one being Tyrann Matthieu of course and the other being Robert Alford.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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