The next Ozzie Newsome????

I have been a loyal phin fan since 1968 and to read the majority of comments on here reminds me of our society instant gratification based. We so many more needs then the majority have even considered since it isn't about all in it is about long term success. Keep in mind Ireland needs to provide an exciting team and win this year BUT without costing himself his job in 3 years by screwing the teams cap situation. This is bore out by the 1 year contracts(which team holds rights to next year if lost with supplementle picks), his setting this year up with cap space, and picks. Lets look at the true needs of this team(for this year and 2 after this year) keeping in mind his hand picked coach wants speed, athleticism, and versatility.

Center) settled

Guard) Incognito last year of expensive contract, can't pull, lacks athleticism... Gone, Jerry: versatile some athleticism, in coach's doghouse, don't pull well, weight problems on the way unless miracle happens this off-season.

Tackle) Martin coach/team likes, young versatile what side of line is best??? stays.... ??? need long term answer eventually.

TE Keller 1 year contract, expensive, doesn't block well, injury history looking for long term replacement most likely and for those 2 TE sets is the 2nd TE on roster??

WR) Bess didn't make real connection with Tanne as a #2 wide, last year of contract, expensive, lacks speed most likely looking for replacement. Gibson 3 year contract that is team friendly in can dump after yr or 2 if doesn't work out, Hartline seems capable of living out contract, Wallace contract dictates he'll stay atleast 3 yrs.

QB) Hope rides on RT

So just offensive starters we need 2 guards, a tackle, 2 TES(starters as in 2 TEs sets), and a possible slot receiver and another developing outside field stretcher. This doesn't include quality, young developing backups that eventually can start.


DT We need 2 starters next year since most likely Starks and Solita(a nose playing DT who if they can will explore trading) are gone when contracts expire since they are so expensive only makes since to find atleast 1 cheaper draftee to step in next year if not 2.

DE Wake isn't getting any younger and Odrick is a 3/4 DE that is versatile can move inside but won't be resigned unless cheap when contract expires and will be offered as trade bait. Oliver unproven, Martin replaces Mcdanial but isn't a starter. Wake needs help with the rush before he himself fades. A top pick is needed here.

LB has little depth and does Misi move inside? Does he give the team the speed they wish? Probably not and depth is thin. Another starter needed eventually and depth.

CB: Age, Heath, and talent plagues this unit and question marks litter this unit. 2 eventual starters needed maybe 3(nickel) expect atleast 2 drafted

Safety) Jones young and loved, but clemons was only signed to a one year deal and no backup again another safety needed and most likely a starter.

On defence we need another 7 potential starters in the next couple years.

As you can see BPA no matter the position with exception to QB will be taken with the depth at saftey, WR, CB, OL, and even DT my guess is a DE pass rusher(all the talent resides up top) or even DT will be the first pick unless BPA resides somewhere else on the board

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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