Playing GM for a Day

I was bored so here is my amateur off season approach for the Dolphins

Based on an article I read, the Dolphins still had 37 million of CAP space when they hit Starks with the franchise tag. Now with Hartline ( approx.. 6.2 mil per year) and Moore (approx. 4 mil per year). Using average salary for my CAP figures this leaves the Dolphins at 26.8 million to play with in the free agent market.

Wide Receiver – Mike Wallace 12 mil per year (We are now at 14.8 mil per year)

Cornerback – Cut Richard Marshall. From an article from the Bleacher report, it appears 1.2 mil of his 5.7 mil contract is dead money so we will only save 4.5 mil in CAP space (We are back up to 19.3 mil). Cut Dimitri Patterson. This will save 4.6 mil (We now go up further to 23.9 mil per year). I would sign two guys in free agency or resign Smith and pick up someone else in free agency. However, I would limit this to 12 mil per year between the combination of the two signing which means S. Smith probably walks (11.9 mil per year). Maybe a combination of D. Cox and T.Porter? Grimes and Talib maybe two of the better corners in the free agent market. However, Grimes is coming off injury and is 30 years old and Talib’s character???? Well he hasn’t been arrested since he tested positive for Adderall. Adderall helping him stay focused? One thing I like about Talib is the past three seasons including missing games with "minor injuries" and a suspension; he had four interceptions for TD’s. Sean Smith only has 5 intersections in his four year career and he also got out played for a jump ball in the end zone from 5’ 7" TY Hilton.

I’ll assume that we will need 5 mil of the left over 11.9 mil a year to sign the rookies. That leaves 6.9 mil for glaring needs at FS, TE, RT and RDE (Vernon is still unproven and Pee Wee Herman is a DT).

RDE – Work out D. Freeney and J. Abraham. Entering the 2012 season Abraham signed a 3 year 16 mil contract which equates aprrox. 5.3 mil a year. He is now older so would he take 4 mil?

If so, that leaves 2.9 mil to maybe sign Clemons. If the two veteran DE’s look too old and want too much money, I would try to grab M. Bennett from Tampa, but would 6.9 mil be enough? The market would dictate this.

Let’s assume we were able to sign

M. Wallace (WR)

A. Talib (CB)

T. Porter (CB)

J. Abraham (DE)

A. Bradshaw (RB) - used my left over 2.9 mil to sign him to a one year contract instead of signing Clemons because D. Thomas is too damn slow and I still think L. Miller is still in the development process and is unproven.

Now that free agency is over it is time for the NFL Draft.

1 - Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame: Too high for TE? I don’t think so. Ryan T. needs more than speedy playmakers in the passing game. He needs a legit red zone target and someone to check down to on hot routes. I believe Eifert gives us that.

2a – Matt Elam, S, Florida: He could be gone when we pick here, but it may depend on how high Jonathan Cyprien of FIU climbs up draft boards. I watched a few of us games last year and he was playmaker and was always around the ball. The only knock I see on him is at 5’ 10" how will he handle defending the big physical types TE’s streaking across the middle. However, his other attributes may make up for his size. Watch his highlight on You Tube. He lights people up!!

2b – Terron Armstead, RT, Arkansas Pine Bluff: In a zone blocking scheme you big athletic lineman. However, he played LT in college and I haven’t seen a lot of tape on him. I just know based on the combine results that he has the athleticism needed.

3a – Da’rick Rogers, WR, Tennessee Tech: He was originally on Tennessee’s team with the two other big name receivers in this draft Hunter and Patterson. He dominated when he transferred to Tennessee Tech and his last year playing in the SEC, he only 67 passes for 1,040 yards and 9 TD’s. 6’ 2" at 217 lbs with 4.5 40 time and 39.5" vertical (which was tied for first for receivers at the combine). However, there are character issues with this guy but for a 3rd round pick there isn’t much of a risk.

3b - Tyrann Mathieu, CB, LSU: No description needed.

4 – Chris Faulk, OT, LSU: Due to being injured the entire season last year he may fall to round 4. If he does, he could add depth to our OL and maybe compete against Armstead for the RT spot.

5 – Cooper Taylor, S, Richmond: This is clearly a developmentally approach but with our extra picks why need select a 6’ 5" Safety. The big and tall douche bad TE in New England doesn’t look like he is going any where, so maybe a guy like Cooper can create a defensive package that utilizes his size to defend those types of players. I watched a low quality film on you tube and he appears to be a really good tackler in the open field which is surprising at his height.

7 – Quanterus Smith, DE, Western Kentucky: Completely a developmental player. He did have three sacks against DJ Fluker of Alabama. They have the highlights on you tube. However, he did get pushed around a lot in the run game against the Tide. He has decent speed so maybe he can get a roster spot playing special teams on kickoff and on punt coverage while he adds weight and develops as a DE.

Rookie Free Agents:

Ray Ray Armstrong, S, Faulkner University

Chris Thompson, RB, Florida State

Shaq Wilson, OLB, South Carolina

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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