Matty's Ideal Offseason 2013

Hey everyone!

I know it's been a while since I checked in here at the site. Been busy - but not too busy to read the blog. I'm like many of you out there - probably do more reading of Kevin and company's great work than participating. I hope that will change soon.

I do try to stay active on Twitter and you can follow me @TheMattyI if you'd like.

Like all of you, I'm f'n PUMPED for this offseason. I think there are a ton of ways the Dolphins can go here to address their many needs and really take a big step towards becoming a perennial contender.

With that said - like most of you - I, too, have my own plan for this offseason if I was running the show. I already admitted there are many ways to skin this cat this offseason (morbid saying, no?). But this would be my IDEAL offseason:

In free agency, I would sign or re-sign...

Mike Wallace
Jared Cook
Brian Hartline
Anthony Fasano
Chris Clemons
Osi Umenyiora

In the draft, I would select...

Tavon Austin at #12.
Stock up on CBs and OL in rounds 2 and 3.
Maybe another WR in round 4 o r 5

Some thoughts:

-Mike Wallace is more than the "one trick pony" some people make him out to be. He doesn't just run 9 route after 9 route. He can run posts, crosses, drags. He can be used at multiple levels - not just deep. And even as a deep threat, he opens up so much for your offense. Teams can no longer sneak safeties down to the line of scrimmage - making it easier to run the football and providing more room to operate in the middle of the field for a guy like...Tavon Austin (and Davone Bess... who I'd let walk after 2013, for what its worth).

-Jared Cook is a matchup nightmare who Tennessee didn't use properly. Cook working the seem with Wallace occupying the deep safety and pulling him towards the sideline? Oh boy!

-Why re-sign Fasano? Cook is a bad blocker. Fasano is not. Fasano thrived in that H-back role he got used in a little bit last year. I can see some very deadly two TE sets for Mike Sherman to work with using Wallace, Hartline, Fasano, Cook, and Lamar Miller in the backfield.

-Why Osi? He could be that pass rushing specialist to play opposite Cameron Wake. I think you can continue to use Jared Odrick at DE on early downs and obvious run situations. Osi as a pass rushing specialist (though he's not JUST a pass rusher). And then you give Olivier Vernon spot work and another year to see if he can develop into a legit 4-3 DE. If not, invest in a DE early next year in the draft. But I'm not ready to just write off Vernon yet. This plan allows Olivier more time to develop, learn the position, and prove he can play in this league.

-There are obvious risks here, I know. I'd be leaving the Dolphins very vulnerable at CB. However, I think there are some decent value CBs in free agency who the Dolphins could sign cheaply and give a shot. But the bottom line? There are more holes in the team than can be filled in one offseason. However - I really like the depth of the CB class and think there are starting CBs to be found on day two of the draft.

Like I said before - there are a lot of ways this offseason can go. This isn't the ONLY way I would be satisfied. Not by a long shot. I think it will be hard for Jeff Ireland to screw this offseason up because he has to many ways to address all of the team's needs.

If I was GM, though, the above is how I'd address this team's many needs.

Thanks for reading. Follow me on Twitter if you'd like. I hope to be more active this season here on the site.

But you never know.


Go Dolphins!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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