My Draft and Free Agency Philosopy

NFL’s Free Agency and the Draft are two of the greatest smokescreen shows that exist in Professional Sports today. Our team, with Ireland at the helm, is especially susceptible to drama, for example is your Mama a whore comment to Dez Bryant.

I always love reading what is going to happen in Free Agency or what we will definitely do in the draft when NO one knows what is going to happen, what surprises are in store, or who might drop to us etc.

So let us look at this realistically. I see no way we pay 11 million for Jake Long. Yes we need a tackle if he leaves and we need a good one, I personally thought Martin played well at LT last year and he was a rookie who will only get better. So either we will have to get one in FA or draft one early.

If you look back to last year’s comments people hated that we had Fasano, and do not make me go back in the archives and pull up some of the comments. If you look at the Super Bowl Teams or most of the playoff teams for that fact, most had Tight Ends that made a difference. I love Fasano as a number 2 tight end but not a one. We need one.

On to Wide Receiver which has been beaten to death. Yes we need help here, my concern is will Ireland pull the trigger on a 12 to 15 million a year contract on Wallace, or will he do like he has done in the past and sit on his hands and wait for the leftovers. Come on, that thought is on the back of a lot of your minds, isn’t it. Also, I do not believe Jennings is an option here. We have picks and there are lots of WR to help us in the Draft but as most of you know, it takes a season or two before you become an impact player at that position. Which brings me to Hartline, Bess, and the others, we need to keep them and keep them happy this year, they know the offense and will fit better if we get a true number one.

So when it comes to our picks how should this play out? Here would be my philosophy and no names because there is no way I can tell you who will be available.

1st Round, We need to pick the Best CB or OT if one of the top three OT falls to us, it would behoove us to take him to protect. If we pick one up in FA than it would be CB. And there are a few good ones that can step right in.

2nd and 3rd Round would be for TE, CB, WR, Safeties or possible a pass rushing DE if one was to fall, or especially if a top Safety was to fall.

The rest of the draft picks are for us to strengthen areas like, Interior Lineman, LB, DE.

Look we have lots of needs and should pick the best available person that is on the board that fits the need we have. SIMPLE but very hard to do, Free Agency will be critical and we have lots of money to spend, hopefully we spend it wisely and bring in a few impact players that push us to the next level.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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