Really !!?? I'll beat this dead horse, ! to ! the ! Ground !!

Yeah,...I got something to say. A whole lotta something for that matter. This "change" or "rebranding" of the Dolphins is what ? To you the fan what does it mean ? Does it mean something different from the older fan to the younger fan ? What about the locals vs those of us in other locals worldwide ?

I get it, it's a done deal. To quote one person " I got no choice", or the common response "it will grow on me". Others love it or are in the middle. But I'm a traditionalist, old school, and I believe that there are many too who have a similar opinion as mine. And that is we have a major design flaw going on here, it sucks. That being said winning football games, and dare I even mention a word like championship ( be it divisional or beyond ), is the bottom line. Winning cures everything. But I for one want to look cool doing it.

OK,....lets begin. Have the Dolphins become ala the Cleveland Browns a "factory of sadness" ? Yes. The Dolphins have been in a full on nose dive for years & years now. I sum up their performance like this,.....they ( the team, coaches, GM, owners) have struggled to be average,......nothing more, nothing less. And with that comes the disgruntled fan and the fickle fan. And of course how can we forget the "not a fan",....hence having to hear about the weekly story of Dolphins ownership buying seats to prevent a local blackout. There merchandise sales, which once was solid, has also plunged. NEWS FLASH : this has everything to do with winning and nothing to do with the logo itself. Dolphins win, attend games, merchandise moves off the self, and we never have this conversation.

Kevin gave me a warning about the use of certain "adult" language once before, however if there was ever a time to let loose, would be it.

Question,....and again I know it's all water over the damn, but I does the new logo really look cool to the masses ? Did Mr Ross & Mike Dee really get fan input on this ? This is the best of the best,...the cream of the crop ? I referred to it in my tweet to Mike Dee as a "hatchet job". But who am I to be so critical ? Well,...for starters I'm a paying customer. A merchandise whore if you like.

Someone mentioned that a post of mine without pictures was unnatural,.. Img_2985_medium

The logo was fine or I wouldn't have bought a thing, much less tattooed it to my leg. Before I start getting Too crazy (???), let me say that I was all in for an upgrade, not this cluster bleep of a design flaw. I said it,....Mike Dee's logo makes me nervous. And my worst fear has been realized. Lets backtrack again for a second. I read an opinion where a fan stated in a Allan Iverson demeanor,......" we're talking about a logo,.....a logo,....not the game, but a logo,....". Yeah,....there is that point of view. Step to the left,....because I'm on the right of this issue. Back to said issue,....the change.

If you would have took 10 Dolphin's fans,.....say 100, or even 1000,.....and ask them " here are two logos, pick one". One being the one the ownership has picked and the other the more aggressive yet version of our since disposed of logo ( what I call the razor look ). If you are a fan of the Miami Dolphins you are clearly going to pick the "razor" over "Sea World". If you truly picked Sea World",.....step to the left. And let me clarify,...if you love the Miami Dolphins I got your back, but on this issue I am clearly puzzled with some of you. Good thing I have enough "old school" gear to get by.

Ya know the fans own the Green Bay Packers and if the Dolphins were owned by the fans there would be no way in hell the change would be this drastic. The Washington "Redskins",......should I talk about that ? In this day & age of political correctness,....if there was ever an example of a team that needed to be "re-branded" it is them. They too have struggled like us for some time. And they have an owner, that like ours, that is learning on the job. However, I highly doubt that they will ever change their "identity",....or logo anytime soon. Simple put,....their fan base would revolt. Us,'s a completely different story. We turtle and say things like "it will grow on me".

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

If you chopped off my arm,....I would get use to it. But I don't have to like.

I'm leaving Florida within a week and this is the send off they give. It feels like I've been stabbed in the back,....and kicked in the ( Kev,....can I say balls ????) testicles !


Really ?

I contacted several fans, one being Fr8Train, let the rant continue. Knowing full well this is a losing battle. An NFL owner can do what he whats with "his" team,.....I just wish he wasn't a hypocrite. I would love to see the internal memo to company employees as to the new look. I bet in short it read, it or else. I mean really ??? How powerful are you if you can turn Dan Marino & Don Shula into "yes men". That is unless they really do like it. Are the people at top really this disconnected from the fan base ?

When you've had virtually the same "identity",.....logo for almost 50 years,.....and you scrap it ??? To reference the Gieco commercial,....."these are troubling times in the Kingdom". I might add a kingdom that was once proud & mighty. Now its,......meh,....

Do I love the Dolphins any less ? No,......but,.....I'm pissed.

Hey,....but it creates buzz. The Dolphins are the talk of the town. Hell,....on paper we are kicking ass. People seem to be very pleased with Jeff Fireland,.....I mean Ireland. It appears we on a upturn as the Bills & Jets fight for the right to dwell in the league's basement, while NE doesn't seem to be as scary as usual. Good times,.....for the team,....hopefully.

This whole situation stinks. I've been teased by friends that root for other teams. I heard another fan of a division rival say it doesn't feel right. No kidding ???? Try walking in shoes, which took me in to Lids today. There I was greet by another jab. The young salesman saw me looking at Dolphins hats ( as if I need another,....of anything,...) and he says all slick like,....." ahhhhh,, you're "old school", got the original on your leg,.....the new logo looks like Sea World". I had a quick flashback to the movie Falling Down, I left Lids and opted for a chocolate milkshake.

Thank you Mr Ross & Mike Dee. They don't care. Fans are drawn to the game for entertainment. Owners & CEO's are about the bottom line. I get it, but I certainly don't have to like it. Not my words,...but more than once I've heard the term "money grab". And don't get me wrong,....if they would have chosen the "razor" over "Sea World", I would have replaced everything. I've already spent $1300 on the Dolphins for the upcoming season,.....20 tickets to the HOF game. Do you think I would have been so hyped for a pre-season game knowing what I know now ? Pre-season sucks. I hate it, its like a necessary evil. But, I love the Dolphins, I was going to HOF weekend anyways, and it WILL be a big ol' Dolphins party come Sunday night.


Change is OK, but this ? No thanks,.....

Or can the new unis be so cool that it all ties together perfectly. I doubt it, but we'll see. And,.....winning cures everything,....right ?

I could go on. I mentioned to a friend and fellow diehard, over a one hour conversation, that I wished we would have taped our conversation. The fecal matter that we were saying,.....I can't type, but if I could,....I could write a book. I mentioned how what the Dolphins NEED ( besides a winning season ) is for me to get some sort of entry level assistance to the CEO, an advisor if you will. Again Mike Dee is not a fan, he's a businessman from Baltimore that most likely was a fan of the Baltimore Colts and had to witness "his" team get ripped from him. So what does he care about us ? I was here before he came I and venture to guess i'll be around after he goes. Does he have a 20 year run in him ? Or is it really Mr Ross that I am currently displeased with,....after all he has the final say.

"Rebranding" for a different "target audience". Audience that comes from a "factory of sadness" of the South. Cleveland fans can be brutal and their love for their team is only intensified by the pain that is inflicted upon them. I respect that.

The Dolphins mean alot to me, and many others. Watching football is an escape, a release. I've turned a hobby into a lifestyle,.....again, like many others. And when an owner, a CEO, a design team, or marketing experts think its a good idea to make a wholesale change to ones identity,....I take issue. Respectfully.



I am Ohiofinfan4life. I am a traditionalists. I am a HOF fan ( that & .50 cents will get me a cup of coffee ). I am pissed !


Knowing what I know now,....I should have dropped that bust squarely on his foot ( sarcasm ). But seriously, the fan input they received,.....I call shenanigans.

And this guy, 73 what was he thinking ? I thought he was suppose to be a fan. I just can't fathom a Dolphins fan thinking that it is a good idea to move away from the template of our original logo. Too drastic,....way too drastic.


For many, myself included this has been a shocker to say the least. I love, love, love the Dolphins and even through all the turmoil I still find myself with a ton a great memories. And there will be plenty more to come I'm a fairly certain. But this whole episode has left a bad taste in my mouth and I doubt that I'll be putting any crappy logo's up on my flagpole.


My Wife mentioned that I should be prepared for many of the faithfully to tear me to shreds. I'm already pissed, so be it if it must be. This is just an opinion, opinion. I'm open to hearing yours.

But lets take this rant a little further shall we. I'm a Dolphins fan til the day I die,.....and I got the ink to prove it.

. Picture035_medium

Here's yet another question,.....has anyone tattooed the new logo on themselves yet ? I want to meet the first person who does it,.....badly. That's hardcore, that's conviction,.....that's insane. And I want to meet that person. Hell,....lets make this interesting. You get the new ink,....I'll get into The Deep End ( or die trying ). But I want the first,....the person that had the work done yesterday (if you get my drift). Out there somewhere is somebody who loves tattoos and the Miami Dolphins Sea World edition. Please make yourself known. Hell lets get the picture on twitter to Mike Dee. I might venture that he would even give you a free hat,....or something.

Oh boy,......I just checked FB, a Deep End member reports he is getting it done on Tuesday. Has anybody done it before that ? Or will he be the 1st ???

Have I mentioned I'm pissed. Follow me on Strava this Summer as I will be pedaling my frustrations away. 56 miles today and it didn't even put a dent in it. It's going to be a long Summer.

And,...if you are anywhere near Austin, TX, Carlsbad, NM, The Grand Canyon, Vegas, or Northern California keep a lookout. We just might be passing through your neck of the woods. Drop me a line, lets get together, have a beer ,& bitch about the logo.

Forever proud,


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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