Am I the only one who is unimpressed so far and concerned about how the draft will play out?

Hartline, Gibson and Ellerbe are all very shaky signings and overpaid IMO. Ellerbe is getting way more money than what Baltimore wanted to pay him, evidenced by their offer combined with their dire need at LB, plus he is unproven. The LB’s were basically downgraded while strapping the team with significant dead cap money to deal with in coming years.

Gibson is now the 3rd possession WR on the team and does not scare defenses, small, not very fast. Hartline is an awful signing, a grossly overpaid possession WR who can not break free of or run away from anyone, another possession WR, slightly better than Bess.

Wallace was the right choice and a no brainer yet Wallace is getting more money than what he is worth while being worth it to Miami only because of how totally bereft of talent the WR unit is, plus the stark need to put fans in those empty orange seats. The Dolphins absolutely had to have someone to challenge opposing secondaries and occupy the Safety, knock the top off the opposing defense. The need is so great because Ireland has been so far behind the need for speed curve and has failed to find a Wallace type player.

Much of the vaunted cap space is now gone yet huge problems remain at OT, OG, CB and pass rusher. Multiple needs yet really only enough money to address one of them, maybe 2.

Meanwhile, players like R Bush, OT/G Willie Colin, Michael Bennett all sign sweet 1 year deals elsewhere. Not to mention the best CB available Talib signs for 1 year $5 million with the enemy. G Louis Vasquez signs a very reasonable deal for Denver as one of the top tier OG’s and a player that could have really helped the Dolphins offense, Tannehill.

If things had been done differently the Dolphins could have been able to go BPA in the draft. It now looks like the team is pigeon holed into selecting a CB or even forced to move up to draft a OT 1st round if Long and Vollmer slip away.

Questions arise about how cap strapped in future years the team will be after this spending spree. We have seen what it looks like to go all in in free agency and have it backfire. Based upon the way free agency has been handled I have concerns about the upcoming draft. The team could be set back for years if Ireland flails in his use of so many early draft picks.

I understand that I am in the minority. Flame away.

I will add that I am concerned due to my love for the Dolphins and my desire to see the team at it's rightful place atop the AFC East. Build the team to punch Brady in the face early and often and win the East. Go Dolphins!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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