Building Offense for a Super Bowl run???

Jeff Ireland and Coach Philbin are going all in this year as we can see. Why some may ask? Its obvious they like Ryan Tannehill and see enough to go for a Super Bowl run, so why not throw all the chips in, all or nothing right? First, they resign Brian Hartline, a complete football player if you ask me, a guy who had no off-season reps last year while nursing an injury, comes in and puts up over 1000 yards, and excelled in what was supposed to be a down year statistically speaking with Brandon Marshall sent off to the Chicago Bears.

Next, we snatched up Mike Wallace, a starter, a weapon, the deep threat to any defense. Everyone has been bashing the Phins for signing him to a huge contract but look at what Percy Harvin got from the Seattle Seahawks, a great all around player, has a nose for the endzone, plays multiple positions but he doesn't demand the attention of the #1 CB's like a Calvin Johnson or a Randy Moss(The Vikings and Patriots version of Randy Moss), he's injury prone, and has migraine headache issues in which I pray he will be healed and even with the money Percy is going to get, he really should check that out. Mike Wallace demands the #1 CB mostly every snap he gets practically and will do the same here in Miami.

Davone Bess, not much to say on him, he has been consistent and has been our best receiver for some time now. Whenever my friends crack jokes on my Dolphins, they always respect Davone Bess, the guy is a highlight reel. "Phin fans do you recall those moments watching the game, its close, Dolphins ball, final 2 minutes, down by 2 points, our own 40 yd line, 3rd and 10, we need a first and swoop Davone Bess with the first down", the drive stays alive and we march into field goal territory and Carpenter kicks game winner, or miss, hopefully not in 2013.

They bring in Dustin Keller, and pitches him the Super Bowl run plan, he leaves, the plan permeates his mind so much that he comes back and signs on. Dustin gives safeties trouble, especially Gibril Wilson and Yeremiah Bell. He will be a benefit to helping our safeties develop better in TE coverage because we need it playing New england. Plus the guy can catch and demands attention cross the middle which is good for Wallace and Hartline. Now in order to make a Super Bowl run, you need complimentary guys to assist. We know we have to improve our CB situation, DE pass rusher opposite Wake, and our LB depth maybe. What players do you think the Dolphins should explore adding, Free agency or through the NFL Draft? WR, O-Lineman, Running Back etc...

Here's my addition,

One young receiver everyone is by-passing, who has been coming along as a good player the last 2 years, even while playing for a poor performing team in the Oakland Raiders is Darrius Heyward-Bey. He's 26 and fast. With Carson Palmer the last two years he's look like no bust. Brandon Gibson has SIGNED with the Dolphins which is okay and Patriots signed Donald Jones and may get Emmanuel Sanders but Heyward-Bey stands out to me especially with a QB not named Jamarcus Russell. He's a better fourth reciever option for Miami if we go to four wide receiver sets, he can be a diversion to open up for other receivers and score long if he gets the one on one deep.WR Austin Collie would be decent as well, a one year contract can prove if he's durable or still injury prone, effective in slot and on the outside.

Heyward-Bey stats

2011 64 rec, 975 yds, 4TD's

2012 41 rec, 606 yds, 5 TD's (had a one hand touchdown catch on Richard Marshall last year)

Heyward-Bey Highlights

Thought's... What should the Dolphins do to complete their Offense for a Super Bowl run??

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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