Post Combine Mock Draft

There were many questions answered at the 2013 NFL combine, particularly concerning positions that the Dolphins are in need of. Some of this stuff really excites me, some not so much. So without further adue, lets start in Free Agency.

Miami's Free Agents:

Jake Long: Walk- Long walks because he isn't elite anymore, and he still wants elite-type money. I wouldn't pay him more than 6 million annually untill he proves he can produce at a high level staying healthy.

Matt Moore: Walk- not much to say, he desirves to start, but he won't get that chance here.

Randy Starks: Resign/Tag- Starks is a dominant inside force that makes running the ball against us very tough. He was a pro bowler and we can't afford to lose him more than we can't afford to pay him. PAY THE MAN!

Sean Smith: this one I'm torn, and it doesn't really matter cause I'll be drafting 3 Corners regardless of if we sign him or not. Hope we do though, it just doesn't really matter that much in this mock.

Chris Clemons: Resign (one year deal)- Clemons has incredible athleticism, unfortunatly, his instincts are much to be desired. However, I would like to see how much Clemons improves this year, he was somewhere in between good and very good last season. If we don't see the improvement we want, then no harm no foul, let him walk next season.

Nate Garner: Resign- alot of people don't realize this, but Garner played extremely well filling in for Martin last season at RT with limited time to prepare. Don't give him starter money, but start him and see how he does.

Other notables: Hartline (walk), Fasono (walk), McDaniel (walk), other depth players.

On to Free Agency:

Mike Wallace- I watched tape on this kid, and not only did he blow past multiple guys to get TD's, but he also ran solid routs I thought to not only be a one trick pony. He is Dynamic and at the very least, he opens up other Recievers. 11 million.

Martellus Bennette- Bennette proved that he can be a dynamic pass-catcher as well as a solid blocker this season, I honestly don't know why the Giants aren't doing anything to resign this guy. 5 million.

Dwight Freeny- This one might seem like a puzzeler to you, but its a perfect situation when you think about it. Freeny is best as a situational rusher, and Olivier Vernon had a very solid rookie campaign, and will improve a lot in the coming years. Put Freeny in on rushing downs, while keeping Vernon in regularly, getting him playing time.

To summarize what we have done so far: We got a true number one WR, Recieving threat TE, and Situational Pass Rusher, as well as decide what were doing this year at Safety, and Tackle. So we still need Recievers, and Cornerbacks.

2013 NFL Draft: Round 1: Trade down to mid twenties for a mid-late 2nd round pick: Select Desmond Trufant- Trufant has all the makeup to be a great Corner at the next level, he looks a little stiff sometimes, but that will improve, he looked very smooth at the Combine, and very importantly, ran a sub 4.4.

Round 2a:Robert Woods- Woods ran fast at the combine for him at 4.52. He's a route ninja and will fit in our WCO very well. (Get DeAndre Hopkins if he isn't available, for similar reasons)

Round 2b: David Amerson- Amerson is a prime example of height-weight-speed. He ran very well and proved that the reason he didn't play well in 2012 is that he in fact overthought things and tried to be more of a ballhawk then a shut-down Corner. We can coach that out of him.

Round 2c: Ryan Swope- Swope was one of the biggest suprises of the combine, running 4.37 which is blazing for him. He showed he can be a great Slot Reciever at the next level, plus he has very good chemistry with Tannehill, and Devone Bess is a Free Agent next year.

Round 3a: Phillip Thomas- We need to have a backup plan to Chris Clemons, Thomas is a ballhawk.

Round 3b:David Bakhtiari- David provides solid depth at Tackle, in case Garner doesn't work out.

Round 4: Tyrann Mathieu- Mathieu is a fluent Corner that has good value in the 4th. He ran 4.5, which isn't bad. His strength is a concern (benching 225 4 times) but lets take a shot.

Rounds 5-7: Depth

This is my mock draft. It is very Corner, and Wide Reciever heavy, I know.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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