2013 Dolphins Free Agents

This Fanpost (my first) is just to look at current Dolphins FA's, and which one(s) would be good targets to resign.

Obviously there are holes to fill on both sides of the team, so before we get to other possible free agents and draft targets, let's see who from the 2012 team is worthy and capable of continuing the rebuild of the Miami Dolphins.


QB Matt Moore - Big fan of Matt, but this is his last good chance probably to get on a team and challenge to be the starting QB. There are probably 4-5 teams that will make him an offer greater than what Ireland would be willing to pay (bye-bye)

LT Jake Long - Recent (2yr) injury history and last season's regressing play don't equal the 9-10 million per season he's looking for. Hate to see him go too, but it's an easy choice at that dollar amount. (Bye-bye)

G/T Nate Garner - Garner should be resigned. He's not great at any one thing, but he's not bad either and can fill multiple spots. (4yr 8 million - 2mil cap hit)

RB Reggie Bush - I was on the keep Reggie wagon for a while, but I'm putting my faith in Lamar and maybe (hopefully) Jonas Gray will make an impact as I have waning faith in Thomas. (Bye-bye)

TE Anthony Fasano - Is he fast (no), can he block (yes), can he catch (yes). I'd love to see him stay, and paired with Clay and either another TE free agent or draft pick (not you Egnew) he will still perform well, just at the right price. (3yr 6 million - 2mil hit)

WR Brian Hartline - Another I go back and forth on. He's been solid (not great, but good). Good hands, nothing great YAC (3.24). But he scores rarely and I don't see him as a 6 million per year player. More like 3-4 which I don't think he'll take. My thought is to let him go and make a run at two of the bigger FA's (Wallace AND Jennings). (Bye-bye)


DT Randy Starks - I like the idea of a three man rotation at DT of Starks/Soliai/Odrick (and even Rhandall). IMO Starks is too valuable to let go, plus you have Soliai who is a FA next year. (3yr 18 million - 6mil hit)

DT Tony McDaniel - Solid role player (a year younger than Starks), and I have the crazy thought of moving Starks back to DE, and moving Odrick inside to rotate with Soliai/McDaniel/Randell, but I don't think there's enough money to do this and sign two FA WR's (Bye-bye)

CB Sean Smith - Him and his agent and overestimating his value IMO. I'm not a big fan anyhow of his play, so he's certainly not getting 8-10 per year. (Bye-bye)

S Chris Clemons - Good player. Would like to see his continued improvement. I still like the thought of drafting another ball hawk safety, but I'd still like to resign Clemons. (3yr 6.75 million - 2.25 hit)

S Tyrone Culver - Not enough here that can't be replaced by moving Jimmy Smith back to Safety and drafting a good one too. (Bye-bye)

Restricted FA

TE Jaron Mastrud - Offer 1st right of refusal

WR Marlon Moore - Same as above

LB Justin Spitler - Original Round Tender

CB Bryann McCann - Non Tender

S Johnathan Amaya - Non Tender

Exclusive Rights FA

QB Pat Devlin - Resign

OT Patrick Brown - Resign

CB RJ Stanford - Resign

That's my take on the current Dolphins free agents. By my rough estimates (using an Abacus of course) this uses about 12.25mil of the roughly 40 million in cap space this year. Adding in around 6.5 million for the rookie pool, that should leave about 21.25 million for other Free agents this year. I'm not going to get into which free agents the Dolphins should target, but I will say I'd like to see the following positions targeted in free agency:

CB, WR (maybe 2) and either TE or maybe a Guard (possibly moving Jerry to RT)

Thanks for reading...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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