Is this real life???!!!???

I have decided to go on a little rant to express some of my thoughts and feelings about this off season so far.

To begin with, being realistic is something that I have always prided myself on. Even my absurd and often misguided confidence in this team still holds a place in my reality. I try to remain level headed and consider multiple factors when I start to dissect players stats, attributes, productivity, and other information. So when I read about many predictions, wish list, and otherwise unrealistic expectations; I start to become concerned about the state of the typical NFL fan.

Free Agents!!!!!! Lets talk about free agents for a second. When we collectively look at our team, each one of us sees different strengths and different weaknesses. What one may view as a strength (run game), others may see that as a shortcoming. Despite Reggie Bush averaging almost 5 yards a carry for us, all of the sudden he is replaceable with Lamar Miller? So we let Bush walk because he wants a little more money and has been the second most productive RB for us over the past decade? I don't get it. I agree that we do not sell out to retain his services and that he is somewhat replaceable if the price is too steep, but is there anyone among us who truly believe that our team will be better without him? A better open minded offensive coordinator would find a way to utilize each and every strength that Bush has and will work to not expose his weaknesses. That's coaching.

More Free Agent talk..... Lets let Brian Hartline walk because he wants to make more money!!!! Absurd!!! He is white for god's sake. He cant be that good and certainly doesn't deserve a mid-range contract for a WR. Unbelievable people. This dude is fantastic. He catches almost everything thrown his way. He makes up for the inaccuracy of Tanne on a regular basis, and then the fans criticize him because he falls down after he makes a catch. he wouldn't have to fall down had the ball hit him in stride or anywhere near his chest. I agree wholeheartedly that he is not a true #1 WR, but he could be a great #2. If he wants a little extra money to stay on his home team, sign me up for more Hartline. I was at the Arizona game this year, and he looked outstanding!

Jake Long.... The fan base seems to be divided on him. I cant argue with either perspective. I totally agree with the line of thinking that he is done, on the decline, and we should let him walk because he may make our team worse. I also fully agree with the line of thinking that we could be getting a hell of a deal at $10 mil a year if he returns to All Pro form. But for me, I am leaning more towards the first line of thinking because of the needs we have and the current personnel that we have.

Free Agents coming to Miami? How can that be? Everyone knows that coaches and players only use Miami as a bargaining chip! Get over yourself people. This is a business and we are better for the people who didn't come here the people who didn't come here are better for going there own way. I would have loved Jim Harbaugh as our coach, but he found a much better gig. Peyton Manning, can any of you truly feel confident about signing him to a 5 year deal back then not knowing how capable he would be when he returned? I wasn't, and the risk was not worth the reward. So stop taking stuff so personally. Miami is a proud and storied franchise. Just because we have fallen on hard times doesn't negate the domination and years of well above average play we had during 80s and 90s.

Much of the discussion regarding Free Agents lately have centered around WRs. Jennings, Bowe, Wallace, and Harvin seem to be the flavors of the month. A good argument can be made for each of them. But each one also comes with some form of sacrifice. For me, I try to get the guy that fits the system, the need, the price, and will be the least risk of flop.

Bowe, he will be very expensive. The way I see it, Bowe would be the biggest risk in the locker room, the biggest risk of the Marshall Syndrome (dropping TD passes like its going out of style) and would cost the second most of these big 4.

Wallace is very similar to Bowe. The main difference for me is that Wallace is much more reliable as a true deep threat. But do we even need a deep threat for this offense? We all know by now that Mike Sherman does not change his style to accommodate the talent he has; so the player needs to fit his system, not the other way around. Wallace will also be very expensive and may present a headache for the locker room. I see Wallace as the largest risk, biggest potential reward of the bunch.

Jennings is my personal favorite and the lowest risk/ reward of the bunch. I see Jennings as being a more affordable acquisition $7-9 mil, and he represents the best attitude of the bunch and could really help Tanne develop. He also perfectly fits Sherman's system as he is versatile and represents both a deep threat and a seam threat and can line up anywhere and be effective.

All this talk about Harvin has my head spinning. This guy cant stay healthy, he want Fitz money, and there have been many many reports about how much of a douchbag he is to his teammates, his coaches, and people in general. Not to mention the injury concerns. This guy has cost me fantasy championships for his headaches. I dont think that he has the drive, the motivation, or the gonads to be a true leader. He is not and never will be a true #1 WR and he doesn't really fit our need right now. Is he better than Davonne Bess, absolutely, but how much? $10 mil a year better with 3x the attitude. No thank you.

The draft... whatever, I really don't care at all about all of the talk. I don't follow college football and could not really care less. I learned a long time ago that what a player does in college has little bearing on how good they will be in the NFL. Of course there are many many exceptions, but every year we see players surprise and players disappoint.

My last point in this rant and thank you for reading by the way. Ryan Freaking Tannehill. I am very very hopeful that this kid will develop and be the guy we are all hoping the he will be. I fear that he is 3-4 years away still from being an above average QB. He is so raw and has so little experience as a QB that i cant see him dominating for quite some time. I urge myself and all of you to decide on one of two things right now. Be patient with him unconditionally, or move on to the next great thing. If you are going to be supportive of him and this team, be patient and understand that he may be the least experienced QB ever to start in the NFL. I am not aware of any other QB who played so little throughout high school and college. So temper your expectations and try to enjoy the ride. We have gone my whole lifetime without a title and I still support and love this team as much as anyone. I can wait because the product is worth waiting for. But for your own mental health and sanity... chill the f%%k out. People work way to hard to tear apart the things they love and refuse to focus on the positives.

Last Thing......I am officially starting the 6 more years of Ireland Bandwagon. This guy is going to end up being one of the best GMs in the NFL in the not too distant future. Mark my words. He has made some outstanding moves and some head scratchers. But ask any team and you will find that no GM is perfect and they swing and miss from time to time. Be patient fellow phin phans for the best to still to come.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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