I was driving around town and as I was passing this dusty lot of land, there was this dog chasing his tail. I've seen this before in my life but this was different. This dog was sleek and swift and appeared to be chasing his tail at top speed, it was astonishing. Every once in awhile he would pirouette and reverse course as though he was going to out smart his tail and head it off at the pass.

When the canine finally left, I felt compelled to get out to see if there was something there that I could not see from the roadway. As I am approaching the area where the dog was there was these two distinct set of circles coming into view. This was the most amazing thing that I've seen in some time because there where no paw prints in the pattern it looked as if the circles were made by machine.

I'm standing there in such awe, when a neighbor comes up to me and say, "circles". I turn to him as he continues, "the dog's goal is to catch his tail but he has no idea how to accomplish it. Instead of slowing down he speeds up and lately he has been changing directions like he's forgotten which way to go, so all he does is run round and round therefore we call him CIRCLES".

As a PhinPhan, when I see our coaches I envision Circles. We, as a team, have a very clear definition of our goal but absolutely no clue on how to reach it.

Our coach has systematically eliminated team leaders, especially the QB of the defense. To my knowledge he has yet to stand up for any player publicly in adverse times. When his team came out to speak as one unit he allowed the QB to take the lead with no public support from him or his staff, for the QB or the player in the eye of the storm. There is way to support someone without condoning the actions or situation at hand, sort of the way he is now handling Mike Sherman. These type of decisions or non-decisions can erode the faith and confidence in any team towards the coach. (does my coach have my back or will he let me hang in adversity?)

Next, we have the LBs, I know the GM makes the move but I seriously believe that if a head coach says you can't let this guy go, I need this man, then the GM would find another avenue. The other option is worse; that the coach made a request in moving not one but two starting LBs at once. They are equal but younger, right? These set of moves caused a pirouette in the defense with declining numbers in run defense, with TE running free across the middle like they're Flash Incredible, with a multitude of missed assignments & missed tackles. Also with screens designed only to put a punter in better field position on 3rd & 18, end up with a first down and a move of the chains. CIRCLES.

Next, we have a making of the QB, who has made no real leap in growth. Ryan Tannehill goes into this off season with so many of the issues as the last. Tannehill was a maestro in the intermediate and short routes last season, using Hartline, Bess, Fasano but had no deep threat. Once again the maestro strikes with Hartline, Gibson, Matthews and has yet to his deep threat Wallace in stride once in 21 games (5 preseason & 16 regular season). This fact, plus being in the same position as last season with the O-line, needing 2 OTs & 2 OGs is like increasing the speed of this merry-go-round. CIRCLES.

I stand and watch with astonishment as our coaching let a bonafide marquee RB walk with nothing in return from the most movable piece on the team. Also, more astonishing was our staff being completely oblivious to our inability to run in short yardage situations and dismiss this fact because of the shiny new passing attack. Philbin's and staff chose to keep 7 DBs & 7 LBs over 1 FB and/or 1 power back. As it stands as of now there has been just one resolved issue between the two off seasons, the kicker. CIRCLES, I tell ya, CIRCLES.

If this machine like perfect patterns of ovals don't have you dizzy yet, then consider our defense. We came in with a top 10 preseason rank defense, but end the year with Ellerbe rated 50 of all ILBs & MLBs, while Wheeler is rated last of all 4-3 OLBs.

Finally, consider our OC. Texas A&M ran a read option offense until Mike Sherman took over as Head Coach which he dump immediately and installed a pro-style, man blocking scheme which he continued into the first year as OC of the dolphins. Why would coach Philbin allow a change in philosophy by an OC who has little to no experience teaching said philosophy, no concept on how to manage such philosophy in game time situation and no idea how to adjust to fit the players of the team? WHY?!! "All he does is run round and round therefore we call him CIRCLES".

Mike Sherman's record as Head Coach of Texas A&M 25-25

Sherman's record coaching Tannehill at QB 22-22

Sherman's record as Offensive Coordinator of the Dolphins 16-16.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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