MetLife Takeover: A Strange Testimonial

Al Bello

This past Sunday, 76,957 people* attended the Dolphins @ Jets game at Metlife. Stadium. 760 of them, situated in in two upper sections of the stadium (322 + 323) were Dolphins fans. That means roughly 1% of the stadium was a concentration of Phins fans. Of course, there were scattered Phins fans in other sections, but I doubt it would raise the percentage of Phins fans in attendance all that much. [Edit: I have been assured that there were other pockets of phins fans around. Way to represent!!]

One might say that 760 people as compared to literally 100x that number of Jets fans may not seem like much, but, that number looms large to me. First and foremost, Michelle and Igor of DolfansNYC organized the group, and I am certain that number required a lot of work. Considering that Michelle basically purchased the tickets on her personal credit card on trust that she would be paid back, it is a large number in terms of risk. They deserve a lot of credit for the work they put in. They are some of the best Dolphins fans out there, who regularly represent us at the NFL Draft in NYC and put together one of the greatest road game events. As a fanbase, we are lucky to have them representing us.

Second is an interesting fact: 760 is the current record for group sales in NY Jets history. Yes, the largest group to ever purchase tickets from the Jets are Dolphins fans. Something about that brings a smirk to my face. Oh the IRONY!

Third is something that several people watching on TV, and players on the field testified to: Put that many fans in one section together with a common purpose, fans who didn't just show up randomly but represent some intense Dolphins fans in enemy territory, and 1% can be heard! Shouts of "Let's Go Dolphins!", "Defense!" and "J-E-T-S Suck! Suck! Suck!" were quite common. (I would prefer to leave out the last one. It isn't clear if we are cheering for or against them since it is hard to distinguish"Jets" from "Suck"). We had some "Genooooo" chants and a few "Bring back Sanchez!" and "Teboooww" chants thrown in as well.

Personally, I had a great time. Unfortunately, I completely missed the tailgate because my wonderful wife of 11 years decided to do things like "Shower" and "get ready". We planned on taking the train and I was ready to be out of the house before 10AM... we left the house closer to 11, with the next train from Penn Station being a packed 12:07 train... And I had a giant bag of hotdogs, buns and accouterments on my hands when we finally got off the sardine can of Jets fans. We ran to the tailgate for no other reason than to hand off the meat to someone with a cooler. By the time we got to our seats, we were hungry and half way through the 1st quarter. Nevertheless, I was thrilled. My wife is not a football fan, and it was nice to be with her at the game. Also, it was just great to be there!

I also had the pleasure of sitting next to one of the only Jets fans in our entire section. He was a nice guy who was just a bit miffed at his friend the Dolphins fan for inviting him out to the game only to find out that it wasn't exactly the home game experience he was expecting. I spoke very kindly to him because I would hate to be in his shoes. After the first half of strong defense and relative offensive offense we entered the third quarter, and the Dolphins got a fumble recovery. I said to him, "The game hinges on this drive. If we can punch it in and get a TD, it will show that we came to play and this game will be in the bag for us." He agreed with my assessment, and we were right. Tannehill connected to Hartline, splitting defenders and avoiding a tackle, giving us our first TD. Like many a Jets fan, he left in the middle of the 4th Quarter.

We stayed loud all game, and most of us were not too drunk (with one or two exceptions). We also got to witness the slow trickle of Jets fans out of the stadium until, with around 5 minutes left in the game, the stadium was pretty much ours. We went from 1% to nearly 100%

After the game, I ran back to the parking lot to get my hotdogs, actually got to eat 2, before getting on the train to head home. My wife had fun, and it was overall an excellent experience.

Ironically, I will be going to a game in Miami this season on Dec. 29th. That game is also against the Jets.
Photographic evidence:

I don't have a lot of photos this time But I have a few that show what you all heard on TV. We really did take over the stadium, or rather, their fans left it in our loving care

This one is the best one I have that shows our fans as compared to sparse populations of Jets fans in the other sections

This one is with 3-4 minutes left


Here we are in a terrible picture, but hey, we had fun


(Yes, that is a niners fan behind us. But he was rooting for us)

And finally, I got a picture of "Victory" with the final kneel down play.


All in all, a great day from the nosebleeds!


*This number is based on and was provided to satisfy James

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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