KNEE JERK reaction is to fire everyone, Right, well almost.

Look if you write down all negatives you can make a case for all of it.

Let us start at the bottom and work our way up shall we.

1. D Coordinator

Non Aggressive, goes away from what is working, plays not to lose. Example Jets, first game we come at the QB from his right the whole game and he came unglued, today we play straight up and he burns us to right, time after time, are you kidding me. Plus playing the worst CB in the NFL game after game also doesn’t help; yes I am talking about Nolan Carroll. I will get into that later.

2. O Coordinator

7 points the last two games when we needed just one win, same lame ass calls, same lame ass routes, nothing new inserted the whole year, this guy has to go, Tanny cant grow, he is stagnant having to go the guy he is told to throw to time after time. Tanny has had no one else since he started being a QB, he needs someone new. If is not gone on Black Monday something is wrong.

3. Head Coach

I am torn here, a HC hires people to help him and do a job, like a boss at a company, if the person fails, you fire them and get someone who can, the HC can’t do all the jobs. So if come Black Monday Sherman is still on the staff, Joe should be gone also.

4. GM

Ireland’s failure to get OLINE, CB that can play, allowing the D to suffer through Nolan Carroll. But Wait he drafted two CBs, but, they did not make an impact, they hardly made the field. Enough of Ireland, let’s see what someone else can do. Also, if Ireland is allowed to stay you can kiss Brent Grimes goodbye, he is going to try to low ball him and Brent will feel disrespected and he will be gone.

5 Players and Needs

OLINE, CBs, Play Making Safeties, our safeties are useless, they make no plays, impact no one, no one fears them, they can’t hit a lick which makes the LBs look bad. They both have to be replaced. If the Oline is fixed will the RBs be good enough, I don’t know. We have so many pieces, with a few tweaks the roster is almost there.

In Closing

1. Fire Sherman, Ireland, and Maybe Croyle

2. Keep Philbin and Maybe Croyle

3. Get via FA or Draft Oline Tackles Plural and a Guard, CB’s, Safeties, Maybe a RB

Until the Draft and FA be safe and let us hope that next year we build on this one and get over the hump.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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