A Season Defined

Many people will have plenty of views on what defined the 2013 Dolphins and most will be right. This is all interpretive and subjective so everyone has a perspective.

In no particular order, coaching..

Absolute failure. Philbin takes the heat because he is the boss. Sherman is terrible in every way. Philbin has refused to recognize this and is therefore responsible...

in my opinion, I believe the entire coaching staff needs to be fired and replaced... I was hoping that Philbin would have been able to stay, but unfortunately he has shown more signs of an absolute inability to control an organization. Kevin Coyle has been substandard on defense, and is unable to be effective against mobile quarterbacks or teams with a good running attack... I don't see the point of saving anybody's jobs, as I believe this entire team need a new direction on both offense and defense from a leadership standpoint

Now the offense being an absolute failure, is not only Mike Shermans responsibility... I believe our shiny toy Ryan Tannehill needs to be recognized as a large part of the problem. I dont know if it is Tanne or Sherman who decided that yelling "go" or "go go" would be how he tells both teams what type of play is being run, but great job guys. No one picked up on that. Tanne has a lot of growing to do. I cant sit here and say that i think he is our long term answer until i see a more complete game out of him. I dont know how he ranks so highly among qbs who throw the deep ball, but my eyes have seen him leave countless point on the field by missing his 12 million dollar toy. He is terrible at the deep ball and our 12 million dollar receiver is pretty much designed to be a deep threat. So, good job there team.

Tanne has shown signs of being our long term answer, but he has completely disappeared at the end of this season and has taken a giant step backwards after taking such a decent step forward during this season. We must continue to draft / develop other QBs because no one should be satisfied with his play.

Our defense: obviously losing Dansby and Burnett was a bad idea.

Prior to this season, I have been an Ireland supporter through all of of this. After the terrible offseason we had, I think his time is done here. Grimes is the only bright spot to our offseason acquisitions. Our draft was f###### terrible. We whiffed on most of our signed free agents, and the free agents that we let walk are mostly all doing well. So, good luck to you Mr Ireland. We need to start over.

This team did not deserve to be in the playoffs in the first place. We play big against good teams, and we play down to bad teams. That's coaching and culture. This has been our team for the last decade and regardless of what staff we bring in, what players we bring in, or what the rest of the league does, this team is consistently mediocre.

I am sorry guys, I started writing this in the first quarter because i knew what was going to happen. This team sucks, no passion, no drive, and no ability to take the team to the next level. No one showed up today. That means something to me. At least the Jets showed passion and out played us. This organization sucks right now. We need changes from the top to the bottom and as a die hard fan, I dont even care that we arent going to the playoffs. I really dont. This team sucks right now and losing is probably the only way we address all of our problems.. We cant seem to take that next step and we are getting lapped by better coaches and better teams.

I will always support this team and I love my Dolphins with every last breath. But I am bitter and broken as a fan. The messed up part is that if we made the playoffs, I could have seen us doing well and maybe going deep, but we cant beat the Jets, Bills, or Bucs, so we dont deserve the chance. Pathetic end to a pathetic season. Better luck next year.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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