Keys to NYJ

Very tough one last Sunday. I was about as frustrated as I've ever been with the team. The sad part is that I picked us to drop that game, just not that way. I do believe it was an awful matchup, but if we could have just made one play at 3-0 or 10-0 I felt we could get momentum getting moving in a good way (the Hartline drop was huge). Anyway, now we still are alive for the playoffs (with just a smidge of help) and need to win against a team that we all love to hate. With all that being said here are my keys to winning this week (and making us all forget that terrible loss last week):

1) Creativity on offense. From everything as small as the snap count to actually running bootlegs. I like reverses to Thigpen and Wallace to help in the running game. Screens to backs. I love the zone-read concepts we have been running, but if we run those Tannehill must pull the ball at least once to make it an actual "read" concept. I also think we must figure a way to get the "Claymaker" the ball early and often in space.

2) Stop the run on defense. NYJ will run early and often. We don't have to become something we are not (a top 10 run stopping team), but need to limit the yards per carry to 3-4 yards. We must get Geno into a few 3rd and 7 or more. And when that happens...

3) Blitz!!! We got pressure one time on Thad Lewis and he threw a perfect ball to Nollan Carroll. We got pressure on Brady inside the red zone and New England was 1-4 on red sone attempts. We must get pressure (it would be great if our front 4 could with no blitz). I'd plan a few blitzes involving the following guys: Reshad Jones, Jimmy Wilson, Ellerbe, Jordan. Get after the turnover prone QB and watch him throw it deep every time.

4) Even or win in special teams. I have not lost all faith in Special teams, but Thigpen sure hasn't done much recently (I personally believe it is more on blocking). We also need to be solid in coverage and at least play even in FG's.

5) Run the ball enough. I don't think we need 35 carries this game, but probably need closer to 25 than 12.

6) Hit Wallace at least 1 time on ball over 30 yards. It will be open 2-3 times, please put it on the money (cause he sure as crap won't fight for it if it is not perfect). If we can't do this continue to involve Wallace in passing game with comebacks, reverses, out routes and dig routes.

7) Turnover battle. Must be won or at least tied.

8) Crowd noise. Please fans that are able to go, don't let me hear Jet fans on the TV. Be loud like we were against New England. As big as that game was, this one is more important. Love or hate different things on this team, we are moving in the right direction and a playoff birth is exactly the step we need for our QB and young team to get great experience!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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